Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bionic Man

Poor Peyton! We had to go get the holter monitor put on yesterday. I didn't know how big and bulky they were so I didn't quite prepare him. When they started putting it all on him tears welled up in his eyes and he gave me a really ugly look! The nurse asked if he was mad at her and I said no he is just mad at the whole testing process. We all told him how cool he looked and he was like a robot, but none of that seemed to help him. I felt so bad for him so I let him pick out a toy at Wal Mart and then we have just stayed at home. I don't know if this test will give us any answers since he hasn't had a "spell" with it on? This whole process is long and frustrating, but it has to be done one step at a time I guess. He gets to take the monitor off at 1:30 today and I have to return it to the ER. They will do a quick read for anything major and if they see something they will call us in, otherwise it gets sent to Children's for a detail read and we just have to wait on those results. I spoke with my sister Vicki who is a nurse at Children's and she said she cornered a pediatric cardiologist (I love her!) and told him what was going on. He said we are doing all the right steps and because of the way he broke out into a beaded sweat without any activity was a flag to him that we need to keep on testing.

My Bionic Man!

An exciting note: My sister Angela and her fiance' are on their way here! They should be here tomorrow night which means lots of wedding planning and dress shopping! I could use the distraction.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Peyton update

The doctor finally called me at 5:00pm and said that his EKG reading from Children's showed "normal"! My next question was why the one the day before showed "frequent PVC's". She said she did see one PVC on the 2nd EKG but that wasn't enough for them to be alarmed. Next step is a holter monitor that he will wear for 24 hours to see what his heart does over a period of time (This will have to be on a weekend since we all know Peyton would never wear one to school). She also said we need to have the Echo done because of his heart murmurer, that won't be until Oct. 15th. So still in the testing and ruling things out phase, but one test with a good report will help put me at ease for now. She did stress to me over and over that if he has another "spell" it is so important to check his pulse and get a count and call and tell her what it is. So I have threatened to take away recess and PE to make sure that if he feels a "spell" coming on he will ask an adult nearby to take his pulse. So if Peyton comes up and says "check my pulse" do it and ask questions later! :)

I appreciate all the prayers, texts and calls today. It is so hard to think something might be wrong with one of your babies! Your prayers and concern are greatly appreciated.

The boys verse for the week just so happens to be Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear for I am with you....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where do I begin?

Monday morning Easton woke up with a temp that by the end of the day was 103.

On Tuesday Easton had no fever, but no MDO so he stayed with Maw so I could just run out to the boys school and help with some pictures they were taking of the kids. Peyton was asked to be in one of the banner pictures so I thought I needed to be there. Maybe God thought I ought to be there now that I think of it. During pictures Peyton started sweating horribly, lost all color in his face and said he needed to sit down. I am just thinking he is getting sick like Easton. Nurse checks temp, no temp, but he still needs to go home. I get him to the car and he says "mom I'm fine now I can go back into school". I look at him and his color is back, he isn't sweating anymore and appears fine. He then says "I do this all the time at recess and I just sit down and then I'm fine". So the phone calls and worry begin. Peyton had a heart mummer as a baby, but no one has heard it since he was 3. Well we saw Dr. Barton who said he could still hear the mummer and we ruled out blood sugar issues so he said we needed to check out his heart. I finish off my day with a call from Braxton's teacher regarding some issues at school. At this point I have a break down. Me and God have a long talk, I cry for hours and then I take a deep breath and keep on going.

Wednesday morning Peyton's pediatrician calls after getting the call the day before and wants to see him right away. After an EKG, blood work and 2 sets of Xrays they see something on the EKG and want to send it off to Children's Hospital. That night Easton has a rash from head to toe and is so cranky we can't do anything with him. So after a call to the after hours nurse we conclude he has Roseola.

Thursday morning comes and once again no MDO. I get a call regarding the previous days test and Children's said "poor quality test, with frequent PVC's" (Premature Ventricular Contraction) fancy for heart palpations. So They call in new tests at the hospital so off we go for another test. Have I mentioned my nerves are shot, I am sick with sinus stuff and Peyton is really mad at me because of all these tests. Thankfully the test was quick and painless.

Friday comes with what seems will be a no drama kind of day. I still feel really bad with sinus stuff and my voice is almost gone. I laid around and held Easton who still has a rash and keeps scratching. At 12:00 I get into the shower and my phone rings. It is Westwood and Braxton has spilled his red drink all over his khaki shorts and I need to bring him a new pair of shorts. So wet head and all I go out to the school. I did make a point to call the Dr. on this day and see if she had heard anything on Peyton's test results. She said no, but that she did see PVC's on the test but really can't tell me anything until Children's reads the test, they say hopefully Monday. I finished up Friday with no kids or a husband and went to the Southside football game to watch Bryce walk one of the candidates for Band Queen. He looked so handsome in his tux!

Saturday went smooth until we get to Sallisaw at 4:00 for a 4:45 football game for Braxton's team only to find out that a change was made to the schedule that no one informed Greenwood of. So we finally left the football field at 8:30pm! As we were leaving Peyton said "man that was a long football game"! I will say I am thankful my mom kept Easton and I did get to visit with good friends and family for a long time! Oh and Braxton's team won and he played another great game!

Today has been refreshing with NO drama as of this moment. I had a wonderful day at church with my life group and church service. The weather is a beautiful 65 degrees. We went to Joe and Amber's for her birthday party which was a nice visit. Then I sat outside and watched my boys and all the neighborhood kids play. Oh and I got to wear a sweatshirt!

We are anxiously awaiting Peyton's test results and I know we have more testing coming up, but I am really trying to turn it all over to God. In my life group and in the church service today the verse from Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God, was spoken. I think God is trying to tell me something in all my chaos this week. Through it all he was there, he never left my side and he is in control.