Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Easton 1st day of Mother Day Out

Easton had his first day of Mother's Day Out yesterday. He loved it! Mrs. Penny is his teacher and she said he did great! He laid down for nap time and even made a new friend named Casey (a boy). He insisted on wearing his backpack and is was so heavy it about made him fall over backwards, but he made it!

Easton age 3

We love you baby, we pray you have a great year at "school"!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A dog and all it supplies $200

Gas driving around looking for the dog after it ran away $60

Seeing this boy's face after we got the dog back Priceless.....

Poor little Lizzie, she was gone for whole week. I wonder what adventures she got herself into? James had to tackle her because she wouldn't come to them and she kept running when they called for her. She is still scared and timid, but she let us give her a bath and wrap her up in a towel. She has a cut on her ear and seems VERY tired, but other than that I think she is ok. Needless to say we are all relieved she is ok and Peyton is back on cloud 9! Thank you Tonia, Eric and Gary Don for helping in the recovery effort this morning!