Thursday, July 1, 2010


"It's not fair!" My boys use those words loosely around here, but for Easton life usually isn't very fair when you have 2 big brothers. But today he finally got to have his best buddy over to play!! I managed to get a few snap shots of them before they thought running from the camera was funny! They are finally at the age that they play "together" instead of side by side play, and it is funny to watch them. Easton has a sharing problem like a lot of 3 year olds, but he made a point to tell me when he shared with Cooper which was most of the time, yea!

Best buddies!

Let the record show that Easton now refuses sweet little pj's and wants to sleep with no shirt and athletic shorts like his older brothers!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Extreme sport

The boys have been going to VBS this week and loving it! I am so excited that they actually can tell me what they learned about each day! Yea, they are listening and learning! We are still playing baseball only two weeks left!

Over the weekend Braxton decided he needed a more grown up bedroom like his friends?? Anyway we really haven't done much with their rooms since we moved here, so we spent all Sunday afternoon moving furniture and doing a little decorating. I am not HG so I won't post a bunch of pics because it isn't anything spectacular, but I want to document what the boys rooms looked like at this stage. Braxton wanted a camping room. Great, I have the stuff from our old house to do that! Peyton wanted to keep his sports room but add a few things. So for a whopping $7 we recycled and rearranged and here is what we got!

Braxton's camping room

Peyton's Sports room

I checked my mail today and I got this hilarious card from a sweet neighbor friend. I think she has seen this actual picture going in front of her house, because she said she instantly thought of me! It made my day and gave me a great laugh!! Thanks Lori!

I'm still reading my "Mom" book and loving it! I am trying to have a better Christian outlook, that I know I need to have, when being a mother to these three boys! It is blessing my heart!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today's prayer

Today's lunch prayer was said by Easton:

God great, God good, thank you food, thank you for boys going to school (VBS), Amen!

So precious!

He is listening and learning!