Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fun

Friday night we went over to the Goodwin's to listen to the game and sit by the fire. The kids played and we just had a relaxing night visiting. I didn't even take my camera but it was a great night!

Saturday our football game was canceled because of a bad storm, so we headed out to the Walkers' house for a little fall fun! It was a great time with friends and lots of yummy food! Thank you Walkers for opening your home on a stormy night!
Here are "some" of the kids. We have got to stop having kids! :)
Shannon trying to build a scary gingerbread house, it wasn't structurally sound though, sorry Shannon!

Braxton's PTO performance

Monday night was the 4th grade PTO performance. That means someone from PTO must speak. I don't do public speaking and my Co-President would have gone into hiding if I asked her to do it, so I kindly asked Ms. H and she happily saved the day and did our public speaking! Thank you Tonia, you did awesome!

Braxton "auditioned" for a week for the thriller dance. They only picked 20 kids to do it and he made the cut! He was so excited, but I admit I was a bit nervous about how this was all going to go down, lets recall the worm from football kickoff! BUT to my surprise he did great and it was SO cute! If I can get some good video of it I will post it.

Braxton doing the "Thriller" dance!

Braxton and Tristan singing a song! :)

Siblings and cousins there to cheer them on!

Braxton, Tristan, Noah and Clayton. Just a few of a great crew of boys!

Of course Easton wanted his picture taken too!

Pumpkin' carving with daddy

Daddy was in charge of pumpkin carving this weekend. He did a great job and took lots of pictures!

This is blurry, but wanted to show how cute they turned out.

Ahhh my pumpkins!
Sweet boys!
Silly boys!


Peyton had to make a pumpkin from a book character so he picked Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Memaw bought the boys some fake mustaches and I thought this was too funny!