Monday, April 18, 2011

He is only 3.....

Yesterday Easton brought home a cross from church and he didn't say much about it, but today he told me that we needed to make a whole bunch of crosses and tell the "whole city, that God died on the cross". Well in the chaos of getting organized for Spring Fling I couldn't deny this sweet boy's request and I knew God was probably trying to get me to slow down and listen. So we sat down and he told me exactly how to make them and then he put his little touch on each of them. He insisted we needed to tell "everyone" so after we picked up the boys I let him get out at homes in a near by neighborhood. I stayed in the car and he walked his little self up and rang the doorbell and gave his cross to these strangers, and one Mr. H that we knew. He was so precious that it brought tears to my eyes. One little lady even gave him a hug! People looked at him a little crazy at first and then when they saw what he gave them their faces lit up with smiles. The older boy's responses to their little brothers act of kindness was suprising to me. Braxton was embarrased and Peyton was in awe and kept saying how sweet it was and he was so "proud of him"! I think God spoke to all of us through little E today. He is usually really shy toward strangers, but he told me "I won't be shy", and he wasn't at all! I love you sweet boy!
Here he is with the crosses he still has left. He says he has to take them to school tomorrow and hand them out! Jesus does love each of us very much!