Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lead Me

Someone shared this song with James yesterday and he had me listen to it. Then I got an email from a friend to make sure I put this song on my iPod. We all have know someone who has struggled in their marriage or we have had struggles ourselves. This song is so wonderful and really powerful for couples I think. Take a listen and then download it from iTunes to your iPod!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

We have had a really fun and busy spring break. When the boys got back from camping we took Monday to do laundry and let the boys rest. They stayed in their pj's all day! Then on Tuesday Maw took them bowling, to the park and they got to have a sleep over, which means me and daddy got to have a date night!! Then on Thursday we went with the Goodwin's to eat lunch and see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". It was a really cute movie, I think me and Heather laughed harder than the boys did. On Friday we got up early and packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Huckabee Nature Center with Memaw and Papa Cleve for some lunch, fishing and a little hiking.

Peyton caught the first fish, it was a trout!

Easton had a good ol' time casting his spongebob pole with plankton on the end of it.

Bryce Ray stopped by to show us his "new" Jeep! I can't believe he is going to be 16!!! It was just yesterday he was my little baby doll!

Hunter and Easton waiting on a bite!

Peyton and Bryce Ray, they wondered all over the lake, but never caught another fish.

Braxton, just relaxing with his cane pole. He had several bites, but never got a fish.

On Saturday, James woke me up with a cup a coffee and said, no need for a shower put on a hat we are going hiking! I don't like mornings very much, but I really wanted us to spend the day as a family, so I suffered through! We went to Mt. Magazine and the boys marked another park off their list.

There weren't too many people out, but we did manage to get someone to get all of us in a picture in front of the sign.

This was in front of the new lodge.

A little background on me here, I am terrified of heights and this picture about did me in! The boys think it is so funny that I freak out about heights they were trying to get me right on the edge.

Easton hiked up the signal hill trail all by himself! I have shin splints, but Easton had no trouble! I think I need to start working out! Easton also experienced pooping in the woods, and he did a great job at it too!

There was also a kind stranger to take our picture by this sign too.

The boys spotted these yellow finches and said Memaw would like a picture of them.

The "please touch table" the boys loved it. This was at the Visitor Center.

We had a great day! That night me and James got to have another date night with the Goodwin's for Heather's birthday. We went to Sho Guns and to see a movie. Two date nights in one week! I don't think that has happened since we had kids. Thank you to our parents for always being willing to give us a night out when we need it!! We are truly blessed!

Today we went to church. Life Group was wonderful with a great message. I try to imagine my relationship with God like how I love my kids is how he loves me, but man he loves me so much more. His forgiveness, mercy and grace are so much more than I can even show my kids. We are like wondering toddlers trying to figure things out and God is right there saying "come back", "don't do that", "it's ok I'm right here" etc........ We are so lost without him.

The Edge Worship was wonderful today too, getting ready for Easter this week. I don't want to forget why we celebrate, I don't want to worry about what outfit everyone will wear, I just want to make sure to remember what he did for me, and I am so thankful!

The boys aren't ready to go back to school, and honestly I have enjoyed them being home and not having homework and having to be up so early everyday. I think I am totally ready for summer!