Thursday, June 9, 2011

A typical night at the ballfield

Most nights both boys play.

1st base Peyton and 2nd base is cousin Camden, they can make some awesome plays!

At Peyton's games, Easton likes to play under the bleachers.
They always pray before everygame!

Braxton and Tristan waiting to bat.

Both boys are #7 so I can keep up and they can hand down uniforms!

Cooper is always at Braxton's games and they play hard the whole time!

Peyton watching Braxton's game from the dugout.

This week is paint the park pink for cancer so all the boys have been decked out in pink!

Peyton watching his brother's game.

Some of the siblings, they sure have fun playing and eating!

Shaking hands after the game.

Then you always get an icee!

Peyton is buddies with all the boys on Braxton's team!

A bunch of boys from Braxton's team. I'll have to take more pics of Peyton's team next time.

We sure love baseball!

Summer Time

Well it is finally summer! The boys had a great school year. They both were on the honor roll all year. Braxton received the Science award the 1st nine weeks and Peyton the Math award in the 2nd 9 weeks and he had over 75 AR points as well as recieved Student of the Month in April. They loved their teachers and learned so much! I offically have a 5th grader and 3rd grader, man time sure goes by too fast!

The pool is open and we are enjoying it!
Easton can actually touch in the shallow end this year! I'm ready for swim lessons next week!

One of James' customers gave us a swingset for Easton, so he is very excited about it. He calls it his "fort"!

The big boys love it too!

Little Monkey!

Sunday was promotion Sunday at church for Braxton. He is an offical middle school student!

Grant Lowe is his leader and Braxton is already having a ball! He came home last night and could tell me about the entire chapter of Ruth! I love our church family and how much my kids learn just from a few hours on a Sunday and Wednesday night. We are blessed!

Easton posed for me before church. I thought he looked SO big, and handsome (even though he is in the cheesy grin phase)!

Our first week of summer has been fun and a little stressful! We have been to the Dr. 4 times. Both big boys had ear infections and Peyton had a horrible looking tick bite and started running fever so we had blood work yesterday, and it will take a week to get those results back. The boys have been fighting a lot this week and Easton is older and he is right in the middle of the fights this year! It's exhausting, but I know after a few weeks it will be better and the fighting will at least be less frequent! The boys are doing the summer reading program at the public library, playing baseball, Easton has swim lessons, several fun activities at the church, and the big boys are going to do Fas Dogs, oh yea and football will start in July, this year both big boys will be playing. We hope to throw in some camping and trips to Magic Springs and some swim parties. It will be a busy, but hopefully fun summer!

Memorial Day cookouts

We had a few cookouts on Memorial Day weekend too. We went to the Goodwin's for a cookout, and really enjoyed visiting, watching the kids swim and great food!

me, Tracy, Shannon and Heather
Heather and me

Best buddies Easton and Cooper, they had SO much fun!

Peyton loved the brownies!

Collin, Tristan and Braxton, I think this boat is at its maximum capacity!

Thank you for hosting Goodwins, it was fun!

Magic springs

Memorial Day weekend we headed to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls and to the Easton Corbin concert. We bought season passes and are looking forward to all the concerts and lots of fun there this summer!

Easton Corbin was A LOT like George Straight, we really liked him.
The boys spent most of their time at the water park, but they did ride a few rides at Magic Springs.

I of course overdid it since this was only one week after surgery, but it was fun watching the boys have so much fun!