Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Does anyone else have an addiction to hair care products? Apparently I do. I have tried to go without some of these products and my hair just hasn't been the same. I finally broke down and restocked everything yesterday. My hair feels so great today! Thank you Amber for hooking me up and thank you Jenn for introducing me to all these must have's! It is one thing I splurge on and can't do without! One of these days I am going to post the many hairstyles of Stacy, it is quite a collection of different styles, but I will have to dig for those pictures. I get bored very quickly and am not afraid to change things up!

Also a big shout out to everyone involved in DNOW this weekend. I am praying for you and all the kids. It is a huge blessing to be a part of it. I was the one who didn't want to be a host home this year, for several reasons, but I must confess I am sad to not be involved this year. Oh well I have 3 boys and we will have many opportunities to be involved. I'll be praying for an awesome weekend!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine

My sweet Valentine surprised me with a babysitter, dinner and shopping on Friday! It is so nice to have a good date night! Thank you Maw and Papaw for watching the boys! One of the boys took this picture, I am not sure which one because everyone had to get a turn with the camera.

Here is Peyton with his friends in class, Tatum and Hayden. They ate LOTS of sugar on Friday!

Braxton's class had a contest on their Valentine boxes. He didn't win, but I thought his box was a pretty cute idea (Don't LEGO of my Heart)!

Easton had a pizza party and made this cute little card holder!

Braxton made cards for everyone and these two just cracked me up! He may work for Hallmark someday! He is so thoughtful!

These are the sugar cookies I make every year for the boys.

It has been a good weekend. We had Upward games on Saturday, the boys played hard and Easton wore me out on the sidelines! I have to say I am ready for that boy to want to sit and watch some sports because chasing him around is exhausting! We also went to Lavaca and ate Steffey's Pizza with Memaw, Papaw Cleve, Maw, Papaw Carter, Joe, Amber, Camden and Corbyn. The pizza was great and all the girls got flowers and cookies on the house! The men like to say they called ahead and arranged for that, but they aren't foolin' anyone!

When we left church yesterday the biggest snowflakes were falling and it was beautiful. Braxton has a theory as to why it was snowing, but I will share that later. Hope everyone had a great weekend!