Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swimming, camping and baseball

We have had a pretty lazy week, which has been kinda nice for a change. The boys will swim a little then come in and lay on the couches all day. I told them that they are becoming couch potatoes, but they don't seem to care! Maw did invite us to Chuck E Cheese one day and that was fun, thanks Maw! We have been playing baseball, but only 3 nights this week! We have had a pretty exciting week in baseball lets see:

Peyton hit a home run!

Braxton hit a ball that scored the winning run for his team!

Peyton's team beat an undefeated team!

Pretty exciting!

Here are some pictures from the week:

Easton finally loves the water and is starting to become a fish!

He will run off the diving board and say "cannon ball"!

Peyton catching some air!

The boys wanted to sleep outside in the tent, but it is so hot and we knew they wouldn't last so Daddy set them up in the living room!

Catching some zzzz's

Easton woke them up earlier than they wanted to be up! HA, now they feel my pain!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frog Hunters

The boys had some friends over last week and they went frog hunting. We have tons of trees frogs in our backyard and they were letting them crawl all over them, yuck! They named them and I think the last count on how many they collected at one time was 7. Frogs gross me out, but the boys seem to love them!

These two stayed at it the longest!

Hard to see as it was dark, but they all have their "pet" frogs in their hands!

No frogs were harmed in our backyard, all were safely set free!

Learning to Swim

One week of swim lessons has helped him jump in and swim under water. Hopefully we will get another week of lessons and we will swim even better! Having a pool in your backyard makes it so scary when one of your kids doesn't know how to swim. He isn't that crazy about the water, but he still needs to know how to swim. Braxton and Peyton were fish and they were and still are attracted to water, Easton not so much. Here are some shots of him jumping in!