Monday, August 2, 2010

Braxton Town

I'm not sure where my day went! Busy Busy! The boys found out their teachers for this school year and we are very excited! Braxton got Mrs. Denson and got in class with his best friend Tristan! Hopefully he can resist the urge to talk to him every five minutes! Peyton got Mrs. Brewer who we hoped he would get! We are very excited to have a good start on a school year. I am not ready for school to start! I am just getting used to them being home and we are in a routine and sleeping in and then BAM we start a whole new routine all over again. Easton is going to miss the boys so much. He gets upset if they go outside and he can't see them, it may be a long day that first day of school!

Football is also in full swing which just makes me tired since we only had a one week break from sports. Peyton isn't playing a fall sport, which he has reminded me of about every 5 minutes today. He says he is bored and what is he supposed to do! I am looking into martial arts maybe once a week if they offer it, we will see. This will be the only fall that he hasn't and won't play a sport since he was 4, so hopefully he will survive. I told him that after this year he will be full blown football every fall for the rest of his life, since he wants to play Pro football as a career! That still didn't make him happy! Oh the mean mom I can be sometimes!

It is sad to wrap up summer, but we have less than 3 weeks left. We will try to enjoy a few more mornings of sleeping in and hopefully relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing!

Had to share this picture. It was on our way home from Destin. Braxton said "this is what I always dreamed my town would look like. Wide open spaces and lots of trees!" He is so funny!