Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peyton's baseball season

Peyton's team had a great year! They came in 2nd place in the pre-season tournament, 3rd place for the season and then 1st place in the post season tournament! They are loaded down with trophies!

Peyton waiting for trophies.
Brotherly love, I think they shoved each other down after I took this!

Some of the boys being silly before awards ceremony!

The score in the Championship game was 1-0, so James bought them donuts!

Coach aka daddy with Peyton and all the big trophies! We have a picture like this from every year Peyton has played baseball, this is a very talented group of boys!

I know I have said it before, but these boys are great athletes and so fun to watch!

Braxton's baseball party

Braxton's team ended the year with a party at the Monkey House! They had a slow start to the season, but they came alive and had fun by the time the year was over. This is a great group of boys!




and cake!

The boys had a great time!