Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rambling post

Oh my I am so behind. Where to begin? I have no pictures, what is wrong with me?

We started baseball games this week. Braxton's team did really great at first year kid pitch. I was really impressed. They lost, but they played really good! Peyton's team is just an outstanding group of athletes, they come together so great on the field and just know what to do, they are fun to watch. They won both of their games 13-1 and 11-0. We didn't get to finish the tournament but hopefully they will next Saturday. We start regular season tomorrow. I will try to take pictures of them in their uniforms this week. So handsome, I may be a little partial!

Braxton had his field trip on Friday and it was the first time I didn't attend his yearly field trip. I felt bad and a little anxious since they went skating. I was afraid of a call from the ER! A big thank you to SW for helping him with his skates, he has told everyone how wonderful you are!! He really payed attention at the Judge Parker Museum too, he pretty much recited back to me everything they told him on the tour! He loves him some history!

James went on his final turkey hunt of the season this weekend, praise the Lord! I survived the month of April and so did my boys! He did get a whopper of a turkey so we are very proud and excited for him. Easton's words were "aww he's so cute"! I wouldn't describe a dead turkey as cute, but he thought so.

While daddy was gone we expected to have a weekend full of baseball games to keep us busy, but they all got rained out so we stayed in and rented movies. The boys did go to Memaw and Papa Cleve's and harass the chickens and help Papa with some work, but other than that we didn't do much. Today we went to church and Gabby's 4th birthday party. It has been a beautiful day outside and we have enjoyed some very loud family time, the boys are wound up tonight! They are so ready for summer!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I know mine is going to be a busy one.

Okay I can't have a post without a picture. This is an old picture, but I love it!