Friday, August 13, 2010

All wrapped up!

Well this is what I spent all day Wednesday working on. It isn't easy to get a good dog you have to fill out a lot of paper work and do a lot of research. Peyton Davis has begged since he could talk to get a dog that he could love on and would sleep with him. We tried the puppy thing before and that just didn't work out, so I said never again. Never say that because it always comes back to bite you! I gave in when we found Miss Lizzie! She is a mix of beagle and Bassett hound. She is so sweet, lazy and loves to be loved on. She has taken right up with the boys! I prayed she would be a perfect fit for our family and I'm pretty sure she is!

Sweet Lizzie. Notice the nice fancy dog bed in the background? Yea, she hasn't taken to it yet, but Easton sure likes it!

Here are the proud owners of a new dog!

Finally Peyton got what he wanted, a dog that sleeps with him! So precious!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lets see....

Well we had a great weekend. I started Friday night with a much needed girls night out. Then Saturday the big boys went to Branson with Maw and Papaw Carter and Easton went to spend time with Memaw and Papaw and go to Chuck E Cheese. Here is the big toy they bought and built in 2.5 hours. David Letterman said the other night that he thinks he has a Lego genius on his hands, but I think I do!

Since all the kids were gone me and James had a weekend to ourselves! But before our weekend together could start James went on a bike ride. He has taken up road biking these days and is doing really great, we are proud of him! He set a record for himself and rode 75 miles Saturday morning! After that we spent the rest of the weekend together and it was so nice because since then....

I have been so busy with.....

Changing insurance companies (total nightmare).

PTO stuff, orientation and preparation for school (still not done). Who signed me and Heather up to be Co-Presidents??

Waiting impatiently to find out what football team Braxton is on (should find out tonight).

And last but certainly not least or intended, was a little something I finally gave in to. It isn't set in stone yet so I will save that for later. I hope to have it all wrapped up by Friday night. If I tell you, you will all call me crazy, so I won't, because I don't want to be discouraged. (This in itself has taken up my whole day today).

I'm ready for this week to wrap itself up and bring with it a relaxed weekend with no worries or anticipation! This is our last weekend before school starts. The boys want to go camping, but it is just WAY too hot! So I think Tiger has it all figured out and we will follow his lead!