Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy April

Well I started the month off throwing 2 showers and then being in and helping in my sister's out of town wedding. It was so fun, but I am worn smooth out! I can't slow down though because I have my husbands birthday, PTO Spring Fling, 2 boys practicing baseball pretty much every night and oh yea it's turkey season too. I don't turkey hunt, but due to turkey season I am a hunting widow left to run things by myself for the month of April. I will try to take pictures along the way, but will probably be MIA for most of the month!

Here are some pictures of our Maggie girl. She is doing so great and she is so stinkin' cute! She will probably be full grown before I can post pictures again.

Look at the size of those feet!
Her cousin Chloe came to visit!
She loves laying on the air conditioner vents.

The Reception

The reception was beautiful and a lot of fun!

Daniel made these cute little signs.
reception hall. We had a full sit down dinner, and it was so wonderful (Italian), and the best man made a very sweet toast.
Cute little place cards
Angela's baby Chloe wasn't left out of the event!
Daniel's friends that he worked trail crew with for years all wore their coveralls, it was pretty cute!
There was dancing, and my boys thought that was the best part!
Easton really wanted Aunt "G" to pay him some attention!
Rachel, Maddie and Sharon getting the cake ready!
Angela didn't let her dress slow her down!
Braxton danced with ALL the ladies!
Daniel and Angela's first dance.
The cake, it has a good story to go with it too....

Cheers! It was a wonderful and very much blessed night.

I hate that my pictures loaded all crazy and different sizes, but at least I updated my blog!!

Wedding Day

April 9th was the most perfect day for an outside wedding! Angela and Daniel were blessed with a beautiful day. I have never seen so many friends come from so many places so far away to a wedding. They are blessed with wonderful friends and family and my prayer is they will have a long and beautiful life together!

I received a ton of pictures and my blog loads them all crazy, but here are some that I downloaded.
Daniel and Angela Miller!
Vicki, Rachel & Leah, 3 beautiful ladies
Amber, me & Heather
Easton brought Teddy to the wedding! His allergies were flared up bad that day, so we just gave him what would keep him happy that day! Here he is with Mema.
My handsome boys!
This woman worked her booty off! Shannon you did a phenomenal job, and we are so thankful that you captured the day perfectly! I will devote a page to just her pics sometime! I hope you recovered quick!
Sweet pics after the ceremony
All the siblings!
Me and my hubby! I tried to get him to color coordinate with me! :)
They are so happy!

The beautiful ceremony
Daddy Cleve, Angela & mom
Granny Ann and Papaw Don so glad they could make it. Sharon & Dennis too!

Wedding Day the flowers....

My pictures loaded backwards, but we started making flower arragements on Friday the 8th.
Here is the finish product. We made 58 of these, with lots of help!
They were everywhere
kitchen table of the cabin
here is what we started with
I am not sure how many buckets, but we never ran out....

Another shower

On Tuesday April 5th we gave Angela a personal shower. She thought she didn't need one, but I think she had fun! Aunt Diane gave us all a night we will never soon forget!

Michelle's house was beautiful and the food was pretty good if I do say so myself!
The hostesses again, we got pretty good at this shower thing!

Heather and I
Aunt Diane's gift, seemed harmless enough until she told us what it was. That will remain between all us girls!!
She got all kinds of sweet things and an appropriate amount of inappropriate things too!

Angela's Showers

Wow have I been busy.....

On April 3rd we had Angela's first shower. She had a great shower and her and Daniel got lots of good stuff. Here are some pics!

Angela (the Bride)
Angela and I
The hostesses with the Bride: Michelle, Maddie, Angela, me and Sharon
Me, Angela and mom
Not sure what was so funny? They both love to cook and they got lots of kitchen stuff!