Friday, March 12, 2010


After a week of of potty training Easton, with moderate success, I need a vacation! I am off to spend the day in Tulsa with my best girls, Jenn and Heather. Everyone have a good weekend! More on potty training later, it makes me tired to even talk about it! Love you little Easton!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well lets see if I can remember what we did this weekend.

On Friday James said "go out and do something and I will keep the kids"! WHAT?? So me and my mom went to Fort Smith and shopped a little and went to see how my Aunt Sharon's house was coming along, and it is VERY pretty. I know she is glad to have that almost done. Then Camden and Peyton went and stayed the night with Mom, I think they wore her out!

Saturday was filled with 3 basketball games and a baseball practice for Peyton. Tristan came home with us and it was so beautiful outside they played until the sun went down. We have such great neighborhood kids and they all play so well together. I love to sit outside and watch them just being kids and being so care free. I am also glad that Dr. White was home because we had some near misses and it was nice knowing he was right there if we needed him! Oh and James sprayed the yard for weeds. If it works we will have a dirt yard this year! YEA, just what I wanted!

Easton and Daddy spraying for weeds.

He can't find his golf ball??

Sure is hard climbing that hill!

Taking a water break

He rides his scooter so good!

Peyton, as if we don't have enough sports he made up his own. Don't ask me what the concept is??

All the girls love Tiger...

Sunday was another beautiful day. In church Brother Ronnie talked about the Trinity and I was so glad. I have some understanding for myself, but the boys ask a lot of questions about the issue and it was nice to have some knowledge to help them understand too. Our God is so awesome and mysterious and I just have faith that he is in control and I will not understand some of the things of this world.

We had lunch at Granny Ann's and then Braxton had baseball and me and the other two boys stayed home and they played outside with the neighborhood kids.

This morning the rest of the 188th left for Afghanistan. They and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so thankful for what they sacrifice for our country. My mom said that last night some of the military men that Roger worked with brought Lisa and the boys each a dog tag and on the back was Rogers picture. He said all the military deployed today had one they were carrying with them to Afghanistan. Just brought tears to my eyes. Roger you are so missed and so loved.