Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Easton James

Easton you are my buddy! So much of the time it's just me and you and it makes me so sad to think that you are growing up so fast! You are so sweet and caring. You have showed me Jesus on more than one occasion and continue to teach me what Jesus wants me to know even in the simple things. You are such a combination of your brothers and it is so fun to see who you will grow up to be.

Easton you:

are a whopping 37 pounds.

still have snow white hair. It's been long and short and you are precious either way.

only like to wear "comfortable clothes" (aka athletic clothes).

say the funniest things and crack me and your dad up everyday:

-I got on to you at a store and you looked at me and said "This is awkward"

-Peyton wanted to go to Mema's house and kept asking me and you interupted with "sorry pal not today"

-"Dad's home, but he's not"

-instead of yes "yeppers"

-You repeat the Mayhem commercials "I'm a tree, shakey shakey" and "I'm a tweenage gwirl"

love gego guys (aka legos) you will sit and play with those little guys for hours.

entertain yourself so easily by just using your imagination and playing with toys.

love school and playing with your friends.

love your brothers. You want Braxton to play legos and you want Peyton to wrestle with you.

really don't like to clean up anymore. You used to want to help clean up, but now you say "I don't want to, the boys can do it".

blame a lot of stuff on the boys even when they aren't home, which always makes me laugh!

do random acts of kindess that always catches me off guard, like walk by and kiss my arm, or want to make someone a card that says you love them.

really want to be daddy's buddy when he is doing something fun, otherwise you prefer to be with me. I'm sure the older you get the more that will change, so I will enjoy it while I can!

We love you so much Easton James and we pray God will allow us so many more years watching you grow and change. My prayer for you is that as you grow up you will accept Christ to be the boss of your life and follow his ways all your life!


Mom, Dad, Braxton & Peyton

Easton's 4th birthday party

On Saturday we celebrated Easton's 4th birthday with a football party theme and a bounce around!

Easton wanted a football cake.
and a bounce around.

His other must haves were candles, balloons and his friends!

The only girls at the party and they found the creek and got soaked! Usually the boys do this, but they sure had fun!

Due to circumstances out of my control I had to sit on the sidelines and let the grandmas throw this party, and they did a great job! Thank you Mema and Maw!

Easton playing with some lego guys.

Opening gifts.

His buddies Cooper, Dace & Easton

Cooper and Easton. They wanted blackout eyes like football players!

The party crew! Thank you to everyone who came!

Mommy, Daddy and E (proof that I was there).

Mema, Papaw Cleve & Easton

Great-grandma Ann and Papaw Don with Easton

Peyton, Braxton & Camden, they actually played football!

Easton had a wonderful birthday! Thank you to everyone that came and helped give him a special day!

Very unexpected

Well last Wednesday I went to see Dr. McClanahan for an appointment over a health concern I had. Little did I know I would leave his office with a scheduled surgery for Friday, not even 48 hours notice. My mind was going crazy over all the things I needed to do and Easton's birthday party that couldn't be rescheduled and it broke my heart to think I might miss it. But it had to be done, so on Friday morning I had a partial hysterectomy. This was surgery #6 for me in my life so I know what to expect which makes me have anxiety, but really this was the least painful of any surgery I have ever had and that was just an answer to prayer. Everything was benign which was also a huge answer to prayer. So I'm still not 100%, but I am so thankful to be feeling so well so soon. Thank you to everyone that has helped with my kids (especially our parents), sent cards and gifts, brought us food, texted, called and prayed. Our family is truly blessed with an amazing family and group of friends! So sorry to disappoint all of you, but there will not be anymore Carter boys born out of this household! :)