Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy Baby

This boy has always gotten into some pretty funny places and into everything, so he doesn't need any help being a "wild man". He is on steroids and isn't feeling well so he is a 2 year old "wild man" right now and momma is going crazy!!!! We are headed back to the Dr. today because now he has a fever and just can't shake his cough which is keeping him awake and making both of us CrAzY!!! Please pray for his healing and my sanity!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sleep in the middle......

At a year old this sweet boy started having issues with allergies: seasonal, animals, peanuts, etc. He is on 4 daily meds to control all the allergies and has been doing really good with the exception of a few boughts of bronchitis. WELL this morning at 6:00am out of no where I was awaken by a strange coughing sound and ran to his room and the boy was grasping for air and could barely say "momma I cough". I assumed it was an asthma attack, although I have never seen anyone have an asthma attack before, so to say the least I was terrified! I woke James and we set up the breathing machine that the allergist gave us for what we thought would treat asthma the best, but it took an entire hour for him to get full relief after the treatment. After a call to my mom (who drove right over cause you never get too old to need your mom), a house call from my favorite neighborhood Dr., Dr. White we headed to the allergist who gave me a 101 on asthma and what meds work the best and the fastest. So now I know what an asthma attack is like and I also know what to do in case he has another one. Knowledge is power, cause I will rest much easier knowing what to do if it happens again. My poor baby will have to carry a bag to college full of: rescue inhalers, allergy meds and epi pens! I am thanking the good Lord that what he has is all treatable and with good precautions not life threatening.

So tonight against all the "rules" when I get ready to go to bed, I will pick my baby up out of his bed and place him in the middle of me and James and pray we all get a good nights sleep......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

12 years!

Happy Anniversary James, I love you so much! We look really young!