Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things my boys say

I have to get this down right now so I don't forget. Here are some things my boys said today:

On the way to school:
Me: Peyton your ears are so dirty, we have got to clean them out.
Peyton: Well it is a good thing no one looks in my ears. (It was the tone in his voice and his attitude he sounded just like his daddy, so I had to crack up)

After school:
Peyton: Easton push me in the wagon
Easton: No, I too busy

Peyton STAR tested today:
Peyton: Mom I am a light blue dot can you believe it?
Me: Well not really, but I sure am proud of you!
Peyton: Yea, that's how I roll!

Braxton and Easton took a shower together and this is what I heard:
Braxton: Come on now please get out of the shower for bubby
Easton: ok
Braxton: Come on now let me put your diaper on you, please be good.

I just sat and waited to see how the diaper thing came out and to my surprise Easton had a diaper on properly and had his pjs on compliments of big brother Braxton! I am so proud of him and I think he now is in charge of bath time! My boys just crack me up!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend and baseball

We had a good weekend. The boys played basketball on Saturday and they both had baseball practice this weekend. This kicks off baseball season for us and I just love seeing my boys in their baseball uniforms! Easton just can't wait to play and loves wearing this catchers mask!

Peyton before his practice. He is playing pitching machine this year.

Look at those sweet freckles!

Dad (Coach) and Peyton.

Braxton said it felt so good not to have so much hair under his hat!

Braxton will play kid pitch this year, ought to be interesting to watch! When he came home from practice he went back outside to practice and then came in and did push-ups. He said "I have got to get stronger mom"!

I found me a good deal on some rain boots and Easton insisted I put them on since he had his on!

I went shopping with my mom, aunt Sharon and aunt Lisa today. We had so much fun looking for furniture, lamps etc. for their houses. It is fun spending other peoples money! Had a fun day girls I hope we do it again very soon!

I am so behind here at home and should be folding laundry and cleaning house instead of blogging, so I better wrap it up. I hope everyone has a great week!