Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer 2012 Recap

We have had a very busy but fun summer!

 Swim parties

 Lots of nights at the ball fields
 Trips to the movies
 FAS Dogs Camp
 Peyton did wrestling camp
 Mom and Dad did a mud run
 We visited Crystal Bridges Museum
 Celebrated Easton's Birthday
 Big 5 Year old!
 Dace, Easton, Blaze & Cooper
 Chilled by the pool
 Played with our friends
 Went to Branson
Learned how to swim!

This is just a few of the things we did this summer.  School starts on Monday along with lots of football practices.  It's a busy time of year!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun on the Farm

Saturday James and Braxton went to work day at the ball fields so the rest of us went to the Wild Things Farm with Mema to pick strawberries!
The boys loved all the animals!
Peyton is trying to talk Mema into getting a goat, I'm sure she will!
We picked a LOT of strawberries, and ate a few while picking, yummy!
Farmer Easton!

Sibling fun at the Ball Park

Easton and Blaze being silly at Peyton and Cole's game.
Easton and Blaze, Easton is so happy that he has someone to play with at Peyton's games now!
Braxton isn't playing baseball this year. He says he only wants to play football. He hasn't changed his mind. He is having fun playing with everyone and riding his ripstick around the park!
Corbyn and Uncle James at Peyton and Cam's game. I think he braided her hair??
Braxton concentrating on riding his ripstick!

Easton Baseball 2012

Oh how I love this boy!!! He is playing his 1st year of t-ball and it is quite a site to see! I'm pretty sure his best buddy Cooper and Dace and the thought of icees is pretty much what's keeping him going!
James is a saint! He is coaching 12, 4-5 yr olds that have never played ball before! I'm trying to just sit back and not be the competitive mother, but it's instinctive I can't help it!
It's a good thing he is so cute! He likes to spin circles and play in the dirt when he is in the field.
He wasn't too fond of this, he said "Dad I'm done, I don't like this"!
The dug out sure is fun though!
I will say he is a really good hitter, so maybe the rest will click eventually! I really do wish I could freeze time, I don't want him to grow up!

Peyton Baseball 2012

Well we have officially set up camp at the ball fields!
Peyton plays for FBC Greenwood 1st year kids pitch, 1st base and doing some pitching.
He loves sports!
They make him the happiest!
I'm a little partial, but I love to watch him play!
He is loving stealing bases!
He had some great hits!
His daddy loves coaching him!
He has been asked by another coach to play on a tournament team that is combined of several kids all from different church league teams. I'm so proud of him for playing so hard!
He's very competitive (he may get that from me???)

We hope to have a great year of baseball!
Love you Peyton Davis!

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter. So thankful that Jesus has Risen!!
My handsome boys!
Momma and her boys!
It was also a wonderful day because James had just gotten home from the hospital from a week long stay. So happy to all be home together. We are blessed!
Family dinner and egg hunt and Mema and Papa Cleve's house! We decided until you get married you have to be in the kid photo shoot! Sorry Justin!
Braxton, Maddie and Hunter, they are getting way too big! They used to be the little ones.
Easton and Corbyn, the youngest of the bunch!
Double trouble! Peyton and Camden