Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kick Off

Pittbull kick off was Tuesday night, and it is so cute to see these kids all dressed out and looking so handsome!

Braxton and Tristan BFFs! Me and Heather always say we are going to buy them those BFF necklaces that break apart and they each wear one! Ha! We love that they have been friends since they were 3 and we hope they will always be friends!

The big bulldog they ran out from to be introduced. The cheerleaders did their dance and then the football boys joined in for the snicker doodle dance. Here are the boys running through the tunnel. I only got a few of Braxton's friends the rest were blurry.

JP running out like a cool dude, as Braxton would say.

Tristan, he is shy so just a leasurly jog for him.

Then came James' son. This was the only picture I got because this is what he did when he came out of the tunnel. This boy has a zest for life. He knows no stranger and doesn't care what anyone else thinks, just like his father! I would have NEVER been this bold in front of a huge crowd of people. Braxton I love you and even when you act crazy you remind me that life is short so you need to live it up and be happy (with boundaries of course).

Random note I had to add:

James has been helping teach the 9th grade boys at church and our boys have been going to their events and talk about the "teenagers" all the time. Easton just came running in here from being asleep and said "Hey, I'm a teenager now!" Wow time sure does fly! :)

Just a side note for the boys memories. We sent Lizzie back to her foster home today. Maybe it was her one week escape from us, but she just wasn't working out for our family. The boys were sad, but Peyton also said "I love Lizzie, but she really isn't the dog I wanted". He wants a dog that sleeps with him, but will also play a little bit too. We will miss the rattle of her collar, but we know it is for the best. No dogs around here for awhile, this was too emotional for all of us! We will pray Lizzie finds just the right owner that is a perfect match for her.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well we kicked off Pitbull football season this Saturday with a Jamboree. Braxton loves football! He plays a defensive end on defense and a left guard on offensive. I may have that wrong, I don't know too much about football, but I love to watch him play!

My handsome football player!

Tristan and Braxton walking onto the field. They look WAY too old in this picture!


Poor Peyton just having to sit on the sidelines this year. Only one season I keep telling him and then he can be out there.

This one stayed busy with the concession stand, bathroom and racing Cooper!

Halle Ryan, Alyssa Ryan, Braxton and Peyton

We were surprised to see old friends Alyssa and Halle Ryan. Alyssa and Braxton decided when they were 4 years old that one day they would marry each other! Even though they very seldom see each other I think the crush is still there! :) Peyton and Halle haven't made any marriage commitments, but they seem to like each other too! It was really good to see them!

Birthday parties

We had two big birthday parties this weekend. We started off Friday night celebrating Bryce Ray's 16th! Braxton asked if boys call their 16th birthday's sweet 16, I said I didn't know and he said it is probably called awesome 16!

He was a good sport and wore the birthday tie, got a picture with mom and dad and even let the employees of the restaurant sing happy birthday to him!

Sharon, Bryce and Dennis

Happy Birthday Bryce Ray we love you!

Saturday night we had Corbyn's 5th birthday here at our house. It was a swim party and everything was so cute!

Cute Hawaiian cupcakes and a cute Hawaiian girl!

Happy Birthday Corbyn, we love you!