Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camping trip

James and Eric took the boys on another State Park adventure. They went to 3 more parks! The boys had fun. Poor Braxton was running fever and had a headache for half the trip, but you know boys they just keep on going!

Prairie Grove State Park. This was a true history lesson for them. I think they really liked it!

They set their camper up at Withrow Springs and then drove to the other parks.

They said this is the biggest state park in Arkansas with 12,000 acres, and had an awesome visitor's center.

Braxton having fun at the "touch and feel" table!

These boys sure have a great time with their dad's. I hope they will always remember these trips.


On Saturday we went to Memaw and Papaw Cleve's to watch the Hog game. The Goodwin's went with us and we had a great time! Good food (thanks mom), the kids played with the chickens, rode the zip line and played on the big swing. All the guys watched the game while the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful fall like weather outside! I swiped these pictures from Heather since I forgot my camera.

Heather got all styled up for the game!

Easton and Cooper sporting their jerseys, and Easton has a new found love of hats!

A very much needed bath after playing in the creek!

Then relaxing with a movie!


Friday the big boys and James went to the first Greenwood football game, and they won, YEA! Then the boys stayed the night with Papaw and Maw so they could get up early and go squirrel hunting with Papaw. They had a blast. They didn't see any squirrels but they did see a 6 point buck and got to shoot their guns! Here are some pictures Papaw took of the boys.

They shot at the apples.

Braxton said he took a bite of his before he shot it all up!

Gun safety at its finest! This is scary on so many levels!

Thank you Papaw for taking them and also for bringing them home safely!