Thursday, June 23, 2011

Never say never!

That is a Justin Bieber song one of the things I said I would never listen to! I now have Bieber fever, Ha! Me and the boys jam out to his music all the time now!

I also said I would never do Cross Fit because it looks so hard and my back is bad, so I was afraid I would hurt it again. But never say never! I'm excited to start Cross Fit and hopefully get in great shape! Jenn I so wish you were here to do this with me! I know James and Suzanne will be with me so that helps! It's going to be tough, but I'm excited! I haven't done a true workout in 10 years!! My boys are older now and I feel like it's time to stop complaing about being flabby and actually do something about it! James has been serious about it for 8 months and he looks awesome and feels so much better. I have that competitive athlete in me somewhere, so I have to find her again and get with it! Now I have to pray that my body can handle it!

This is the gym I will be going to. They have some awesome videos, I wish I could download them but I can't get it to work. If anyone wants to go with me just let me know!

More baseball pics

I got more baseball pics so I had to post!

Collin and Braxton
Peyton's team

Pep talk!

Peyton running toward home!

Peyton making an out at first!

Cool dude! :)

Hanging out in the dug out!

Waiting on base and blowing bubbles!

I LOVE it that Granny Ann and Papaw Don come watch my boys play ball. They are so special and they never missed one of my games either! We are so blessed to have them!

Baseball is almost over and we jump right into football! The boys are counting down the days, oh how they love football!

Father's Day 2011

My boys are so blessed to have such a wonderful dad. We love him so much, and appreciate how hard he works to provide for us and how he is the spiritual leader of our home.

James with his boys!
Maggie wouldn't turn around and look at me!

I love him!

Another picture with his boys.

We celebrated a week early with Daddy Cleve because they left to see Angela and Daniel. On Father's day we had a swim party and cookout with James' family. I'm thankful for all the wonderful Dad's in my life!

Naturals game

Saturday night we headed to NWA to the Naturals baseball game. We got there early which had some advantages!

The boys got to go on the field and get all the players autographs!
Easton is shy, so I was suprised he let a player hold him!

Me and my sweet hubby who entertained Easton all night! I love you babe!

Swim lessons

Easton took swimming lessons last week from Ian Bullock! All my boys have learned to swim so easliy with his instruction. This year his son was there to help him and Easton took right up with Tom!

Easton and Tom
The crew heading to the diving board!

Sliding down the slide. This was E's favorite part!

This is Easton being "forced" off the diving board!

Here he is just swimming away!

Mr. Bullock and Easton!

He liked to make deals with Mr. Bullock like "I'll go under, but only 2 more times"! He doesn't have a love for water like his older brothers, but he can 100% swim, but he still thinks he needs that silly floatie. Hopefully he will start taking it off more.

Fun at Maw and Papaw's house

The Carter 5 always have fun together! Here are some pics from the time they spend with their grandparents!

Me and James had date night so they all took advantage of the pool!
Papaw throwing the little ones around.

Playing the XBox at Maw & Papaw's house.

Picnic after a ballgame.

Easton's first year to get to go to story time at the library!

They all get to go this year!

They made hats!

I'm sure there is more summer fun to be had with the cousins and grandparents!