Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here comes the bride!

Yea!!! My sister got engaged last night! We are so excited and we really love Vern and we know he will fit in great with our family! We love you Aunt G and Uncle Vern!

The high adventure duo!

I hope they will take off their hiking boots and get all spiffy for the wedding!


I'm a snob....

I feel like people must think I am so rude when I am at the baseball fields. People try to talk to me and I walk away while they are in mid sentence. I walk right past really good friends and family without saying a word. What can I say, I am a mom. A mom who has a very active almost 3 year old. He thinks he is big enough to play off to the side unattended and big enough to run off and find his older brother. I always have my eye on him because I have learned from past experience that if you take your eye off of him for a second he will be on another fields bleachers entertaining that crowd! He walks up to the concession stand and asks for bubble gum (he doesn't even like bubble gum), he wonders off to pet a puppy he sees off in the distance all without any regards as to my whereabouts. I know where he is though. That is why I can't look you in the eye when you talk to me or I walk right past you without speaking, not because I don't want to talk, but because my child is wondering off. Don't be offended if I spank him either, that is the ONLY way I seem to get any kind of fear in him to stay with me. He will be grown someday and then I can chat for hours and I am sure I will wish he was running off to get gum at the concession stand instead of wooing a girl sitting in the bleachers! I tell myself this soon shall pass, because it will. I love you sweet E even though you wear me out!

Here's to the day you are finally in the field and mommy is cheering you on from the bleachers!

Picture by Shannon Walker

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball news

Well while we were gone to TX the boys both had make up baseball games from all the rain outs. I hated to miss them, but thankfully the grandparents didn't mind taking them. Of course they got more than they bargained for when the games were to start at 9:00am and when they got there at 8:30 they told them it was delayed 2 hours!! Of course all the parents were mad, but I'm thankful Papa Cleve was a great sport and stuck it out with them. Braxton's team was making up regular season games and I was told his team played so hard and had 2 really close and tuff losses. Braxton has hit the ball these last few games instead of just standing there hoping for a walk, so we are very proud of him for getting over the fear. Kid pitch is hard!

Peyton's team was making up the pre-season tournament and they were in the semi finals. They won the first game and then played in the championship game. I was getting a play by play on my phone and was a nervous wreak! In the end the boys played hard but came up short losing 10-9! You can see from the picture that Peyton was not happy about it! He told me he was so mad that he lost. He is so competitive and even though he got a trophy he was still sad it wasn't 1st place!

You boys did great and thank you Maw, Papa Cleve and Memaw for all your hard work! Love you! If mama can help it I will not miss one more game! It breaks my heart to miss watching them play ball and cheering them on, it is one of my most favorite mom duties and privileges!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend with great friends! Jenn and Chris invited us to attend the Cause for the Paws benefit put on by Miranda Lambert down in Lindale, TX. Thank you for the invite guys it was so fun! We heard Kacey Musgrave, Whiskey Myers, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton and we had awesome seats!



Me and James before the event

Hanging out before it all got started

This is Miranda's bass player. I took this for Peyton because this is one wild faux hawk!

This was the view from our table and then when the show started you could just walk up to the stage, very laid back atmosphere!

Here are Blake and Miranda singing together.

We had a great time! We also got to see the actual "House That Built Me" from her song. We went to her winery that had a lot of her memorabilia, so cool! Thank you Leonard's for the invite!!