Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catch up

I am so behind on blogging because I have been in the bathroom the last week potting training Easton! He has been the hardest of the 3 I must say. I have gone to bed several nights saying "I'm done I can't do it anymore!" Then he wakes up all cute the next day and brings me his underwear and says "I want dees on". How can I resist. So as of today we are 100% on the peeing and the other he is trying really hard to figure out. He says "my elbow hurts" aka my bobo hurts, which is aka for I gotta poop. It took several accidents for me to figure out the whole elbow thing, but now I know! I know it won't be long before this is all behind us and I have 3 big boys!

He walked out of the bathroom like this one day this weekend! Glad I had just cleaned it!

In other news:

James and Braxton headed to Little Rock for a baseball clinic and I left Easton and Peyton with my mom on Saturday so me, Heather and Jennifer could go shopping in Tulsa!! We had so much fun. We went to Garden Ridge where Heather found some really cute patio cushions. Then we ate at Cheesecake Factory, a first for all of us. Very good and the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake was dreamy! I could have bought a whole cheesecake! Then we went to the mall for some clothes shopping, mostly for the kids because they look cute in anything! We told our husbands not to expect us home till midnight, but we are getting old and by 6:00pm we needed dinner and we had sore backs and feet! We ate Los Cabos a Mexican restaurant and it was wonderful too. Then we were home by 9:00pm, we are wild and crazy!

Our awesome cheesecake!

I'm not sure how many times it took us to get all three of our heads in this pic, but it gave us something to do while waiting on a table!

On Sunday we let our boys and Jenn and Chris' boys play together since they "NEVER" get to see each other Peyton says! Which is true, we sure miss you guys, 4 times a year just isn't enough!

Today Easton went to school in big boy pants. I was worried about him all day, but besides wearing the teachers out running him to the bathroom he did good and this is what he looked like when I picked him up today! He loves his arts and crafts! He was also smiling when I picked him up, but for the picture he turned sour!

Today I also took Peyton to get his first cavity filled. He did awesome. I was just amazed. He just sat there and watched cartoons as if nothing was happening. When we left he said the worst part was the sound of that drill! The dentist said the reason for the cavity was that he had a chip in his tooth from something and that it wasn't from tooth decay. I was very happy about that, so hopefully the cavities will stay away!

We are full swing into baseball. Both boys practice on the same nights, so we divide and conquer. Don't ask me what we will do when all 3 play, cause that day is coming soon if you can't tell by this picture! Heather picked these pants up for me today and he LOVES them! Thanks Mrs. Heter! Now he says he wants baseball shoes, and of course he needs a belt for the whole ensemble! Who says boys aren't high maintenance?

I got a little snuggling time in with my mama's boy too! He is almost too big for me to hold anymore!

I have to add this picture of Braxton. On Dr. Seuss's birthday they had to dress as a story book character for extra points, so Braxton went as Harry Potter (It was the easiest thing I could throw together)!