Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Baseball Party

Braxton's team had their end of the season party on Wednesday night. They are a great group of boys who really showed improvement this year. It was their first year to kid pitch.

Braxton with his trophy!

Fun in the pool!

Yummy cookie cake!

Everyone signed each others trophies!

Most of the team, a few couldn't make it. We are proud of you FBC Greenwood!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had so much fun on vacation! We haven't been on a big vacation in over 4 years! We went with the Leonard's and the Goodwin's and met up with the Walker's when they got there. The boys traveled so great and they all 3 loved the beach. We are so thankful to Shannon for taking the time out of her vacation to take our pictures. I will treasure these always! Thank you Shannon! I posted a million times tonight because I want to get it all documented before I get too busy and can't find time. This is my scrapbook after all!

Dinner on the docks

We ate dinner on the docks at the Lucky Snapper one night.

James and the boys

The kids liked feeding the fish.

All the boats lined up were beautiful.

No windows! The kids loved that! Made me a little nervous!

Me and James before dinner.

We didn't get fixed up too much so when we did we decided to take a pic! Love these girls!

Hangin at the house

We had such a nice house!

Braxton & Tristan

Cooper and Easton drug their empty suitcases around the first 2 days.

James, Braxton and Mr. Eric

Brooks, Jax and Peyton chillin.

Luckily we had a table that seated 8 kids! Jenn cooked a big breakfast and some big dinners! Thanks Jenn!


Crabbin' is for the brave! We all started out strong until we actually saw how big these things are and that they have pinchers! Here are the only brave kids that would actually get in the water and catch the crabs! They were a hit with all the other beach goers that were to scared to get in the water. I think they caught 6 or 7 of these I lost count.

Mr. Eric, Jax and Peyton. I know Chris and Jenn were in the middle of it too, but I don't have any pictures to prove that!

Jax with his big catch!

Peyton, he said he felt like he was on "Deadliest Catch"!

Mr. Eric caught several in a row!


The dads and the big kids went to the Big Kahuna water park one day so me, Heather, Jenn, Shannon and the babies took a drive down to Seaside. It was a very quaint little beach town. Everyone rode bikes and it was just beautiful!

Here is the beach

These two got new hats and shades!

I told him to put his head in the hole and this is what I got!

The stores were in little cabanas and outdoor markets, so cute!

We ate at an outdoor taco bar that was very good! Here is Easton enjoying a sprite!

They had a row of airstreams that were restaurants.

It was worth the drive to see this sweet little town!

Dolphin cruise

We went on a dolphin cruise one night. There is nothing that says you won't see dolphins, but we didn't see dolphins. We had a fun time and the kids really enjoyed it.

The pier at night

We saw a beautiful sunset!

The boys chatting with the crew

They caught some fish and got to keep getting them out of the live well.

They got to feed the birds cheetos!

We met up with the Walkers and the kids were so excited to see each other!


We ate Fudpuckers one day for lunch and they let you feed and pet alligators! The kids loved it!

Easton posing with the alligator!

Feeding the gators

Of course Braxton is pretending to be eaten by the gator!

Scenes from the beach...

Cooper stuck in a hole!

Diggin' in the sand

He loved the water!

The only girl in the crew!

Playing in the sand

Digging a trench. Our two little engineers, Braxton and Tristan.

Jenn, me, Heather and Shannon

Our "camp"

Peyton boogie boarding

Peyton and Jax

Look at me, I love the beach!

Jenn was like one of the kids!

Braxton boogie boarding!

Hanging out in the shade.

Easton and Daddy