Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Month of April......

April is very busy at our house! James' favorite thing to hunt is turkey, so he is gone most of the month.

He got 2 turkeys in Oklahoma
He took the boys for a weekend and then Braxton got to go on another trip. It rained out the rest of the season so Peyton didn't get to go again.
Easter was rainy, but we still had a great day going to worship our Savior and spending time with our family. All the grandkids.
Our only family picuture, not so great but its all I got.
Linam side
Carter side
Hunting eggs in rubber boots!
Peyton hunting eggs
Braxton, Hunter, Camden and Maddie
In the rain building a dam in the creek. They always find mud at Mema's house!
Peyton got Student of the Month in April. We celebrated at school with a breakfast. Mrs. Wilson giving him his award.
April 19th is James' birthday, big 34 this year!
Birthday family picture, sorry about the no shirts, it's a boy thing.
Baseball season started! First tournament and Braxton's team lost their first game 2-3, so close. Peyton's team made it to the championship game. It was, as to be expected, a close and stressful game that ended in us being in 2nd place. We know who really won though, long story....
Peyton chewing his gum on base! He hit an awesome triple over the 3rd baseman's head right down the line to the fence in this game!

Peyton, serious about playing 1st base.

Cheering on their team in the dugout.

Easton just hanging out at one of the games!
We also celebrate Camden's birthday in April. He had a baseball party at their land. Here is Easton waiting to bat. I'm pretty sure he never got to! The helmet was to keep him from getting smacked in the head with a ball, these boys hit hard!
Lots of boys and lots of fun!

April has been busy but fun!