Friday, March 4, 2011

Saved, Sick & Spectacular

I am so excited for the Goodwin family! We have been the best of friends for I guess about 10 years now and we have seen them grow in their faith and last Sunday as a family they were all baptized! Nothing makes my heart more happy than to hear that!

Congratulations, Heather, Tristan & Eric. I know you will continue to walk and grow and lead your family down the right path!
These two have been best friends since their momma's took them walking in their strollers as babies!
My sidekick and sister-in-Christ. I love you!
In other news.....I have been nursing a very sick little boy. He is finally on the mend today with no fever, playing and getting his appetite back! I am hoping for a good nights sleep tonight!
Last weekend me and James had a spectacular, very MUCH needed day and night to ourselves (thank you Mema & Papaw)! I am so proud of him for losing 33lbs so far! I think he should be done, but the obsession has set in so I'm not sure how much more weight he will lose, but he looks great! We did a lot of shopping and got him set up for summertime, work and my sister's upcoming wedding! We had a great dinner, saw a very funny movie and of course we went to Wal Mart and bought groceries!

Basketball will be over this Saturday and then on Sunday we start our first baseball practice. I am SO ready for baseball!!

I am praying that no one else in our house gets sick and we can enjoy our weekend!