Friday, January 29, 2010

A Partial Snow Day......

Well the day started off being icy.....

Then the snow came. The boys got released early from school, but only gave us 15 minutes of notice, so I sent James to get the boys. Traffic was horrible, so it took awhile. Peyton's response was "where have you been? All my friends are gone and I have been sitting here for an hour!" In reality it was 15 minutes. Braxton's response was "you are late it has been 40 minutes". Braxton was a lot more accurate, and less irate at the situation. Typical of their personalities. Easton just keeps saying "snowflakes"!

Guess who's snowman this is?

Daddy is gonna love this being on his car!

The snow has really been coming down!

The last time it got this cold Easton had an asthma attack so I won't let him go out and play, but I wanted to get at least one picture of him with the snow.

My crazy boys playing in the snow!

Trying to roll a ball of snow to make a snowman, TEAMWORK!

I plan to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and stay inside tonight!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am so happy to report that Easton LOVES school (aka Mother's Day Out). He used to cry when we pulled into the parking lot, but now I say do you want to go to school and he shouts "YES"! I think he is getting tired of playing at home with his mommy and is getting pretty social. He is always excited to show me what art project they did that day. Here was yesterday's project. Can you guess what it is?

Well snow flakes of course since the weather man is telling us snow is coming our way.

He is very protective of his art projects and it is hard to put them away for safe keeping because he won't let them out of his site for several days. So I guess I will start taking pictures of them for memories of what he made in school! Thank you Mrs. Brooke and Mrs. Becky he loves you! He also loves his best buddies: Pooper (aka Cooper), Dace and Jackson.

Big praises to report: Emily is home now and Michael is recovering well from his surgery! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


My Granny Billie used to sing this song to me over and over again when I was a little girl, I thought it was so funny. I think I just sang it about 20 times tonight before Easton would fall asleep. We are running out of songs to sing before bedtime and I remembered this one from my childhood. It made me miss my Granny Billie, but it put Easton right to sleep.

Prayer Requests.....

These are some people that I pray for daily and I get their updates via email which also reminds me to pray again for them. I urge all of my 2 readers to sign up for the emails and stay connected with their stories. It puts my day into perspective. Also please pray for Emily Williams that she will stop running fever and get to come home very soon. Amber my sister in law is really down with what they say is bronchitis and she can't seem to shake it, moms don't have time to be sick!

Some things that brought tears of joy to my eyes today was seeing Payton Townsend get baptized and knowing Miss Lily Hobbs was also getting baptized! Praise the Lord!

It has been a great weekend at our house! Friends over on Friday, basketball on Saturday, new life group and new worship service on Sunday and lots of naps in between!

Playing in between the rain showers.

Everyone wants to ride the gator!

I am so happy these two are getting to be such good friends! "Pooper my friend". I hear that alot.

I hope everyone has a very blessed week!