Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Update

Maggie has gotten really big!

I'm pretty sure I said no dog on the couch!

This one always has imagination going!

The boys love their dog!

I'm so terribly behind on my blog. I will just hit a few things I can remember!

Football 3 days a week.

Orientation and PTO already!

The boys found out their teachers and they are wonderful. Peyton got Mrs. Moore and Braxton got Mrs. Robbins. They also got most of their friends in their classes! SO this year could be interesting. I'm gonna have to have a "lets stay focused" pep talk everyday I think! Hopefully everything will go wonderful!

Mema took the boys to see the "Smurfs" movie last week. I can't believe they are back, I loved the Smurfs!

Maw and Pawpaw took all 5 Carter kids to Branson for the weekend! They went to the indoor water park and SDC. They got home Sunday at midnight! I'm pretty sure they have some wild stories to tell!

I have started my 6th week of CrossFit and I'm SO addicted! I go 5 days a week (I hope I can look back at this post in a year and still say the same thing). I am just now starting to see a big change in my strength, flexibility and endurance and that makes me very excited! When I started I really felt weak and that I would never be able to do the "big box" or the "light band" etc. It's so fun! Thank you James for pushing me to do this! James is doing awesome too, he can RX pretty much everything now! I'm so proud of him! I love that we are doing this together. It gives us something else in common besides the kids!

School is about to start and Easton will start MDO the same week. Easton is SO ready for school. He has asked me all summer "why did I have to stop going to school"? He will have Mrs. Wendy Buzbee and we are VERY excited about that!

This week we will be getting back to school hair cuts and doing some shoe shopping. I am also going to try to get the boys back into a sleeping schedule! We will also be swimming and most importantly being lazy!

Oh and I got the recipe to the Chick Fil A chicken nuggets! I have made them for the boys the last 2 days. They love them! I will type it up and share it soon I promise!

Football and Fires

We pulled up to our first night of the boys football practice and Peyton said "I have waited for this day for my whole life"! The weather has been insanely hot over 100 degrees everyday even up to 114 degrees, but they are still practicing. It doesn't seem to phase my boys, they love football!

Besides football we have been threatened by grass fires. The day the fires started it got within 200 yards of our house. The wind took it away from us and into another neighborhood behind us and destroyed one home. After that it rekindled everyday for almost a week! There have been fires all over the area. Daddy Cleve has worked 10 days straight fighting fires (he's only a volunteer)! It has been crazy! I am so thankful and appreciative of our firemen and police officers they have incredibly only lost one house in our area and that is amazing!

Thank you to all our friends and family who helped us pack up in case of evacuation!
This is our back yard! It was WAY too close!

End of July

The end of July brought the end of FAS Dogs (Football Agility and Speed). Both boys went everyday and they were tested on the first and last day. They improved in every area except one, so they were excited and I was very proud of them!

Coach Jones talking to the boys.
Everyone that got the 100% bulldog tshirts. Braxton and Peyton are in there somewhere!

The ladder truck showed up to shower them on the 109 degree day!

They had a great time!