Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eddie the Elf

Today we found a surprise outside our door!

Elf on a Shelf appeared and the boys decided to name him Eddie the Elf. Even though his visit will be short this year we look forward to many Christmas' with Eddie.
Easton is in awe and can't quit starring at him!

Candy for Christmas

Oreo ball, peanut clusters, monster cookies, turtles, peanut butter balls, and pecan bon bons!! Wow that is a lot and we made them all yesterday! Me and mom always make Christmas candy and this year Angela was home to help us! We had a great time just being together and cooking.

A plate of some of the goodies.
Mom, Angela and Papaw was ready to sample everything!
The cooks!
While we cooked the boys entertained themselves. Easton played lincoln logs.
Papaw set up an additional big screen in the living room so he could watch football and the boys could play XBox!
Then Easton made a mess and Papaw made him clean it up! It was hilarious!

I have GOT to finish shopping sometime, I'm running out of time!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I promised the boys that when school was out they could have a friend stay the night so Tuesday night was the night! Chris, Jenn and the boys were in town too, so we had them over also. They came to visit and brought their dog Camo. I have never seen a dog like this before it is a double doodle and he is adorable, and very big! Him and Easton became friends after a few tumbling encounters that I wish I had on video!

Easton and Camo
Easton was showing off for Jenn and Chris and parachuting off the island!
Before bed the younger boys wanted to do a Jillian Michaels work out??

They didn't make it through the whole thing but they tried!
These two are so into video games this is where they stayed most of the night!
The crew after a breakfast of pancakes. Easton, Peyton, Tatum, Braxton, Jax, Tristan & Brooks! I think everyone had fun because I heard a lot of "I'm not ready to go home yet"!

This afternoon we are headed to Memaw's house to make candies all evening, sounds fattening but fun!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Six parties in 4 days!

We have been busy, but it sure has been fun! Friday Braxton had his Christmas party at school and Easton went with me. He had fun and was so good. He did sneak around and swipe the kids candy canes, but other than that he was very good!

Braxton and Easton at the party.

Also Friday night we had a girls night at Heather's house. We ate some yummy food, had LOTS of laughs and played dirty santa "snowman"!
All the girls.
Kerri, me & Shaina
Andria, Heather & Ashley. Heather was in rare form and kept us all in line since is was "her house"!
Ashley just casually posing for a picture with her first gift.
Shannon trying to get Heather to take some kind of professional photo shot of this ornament! :)

Then on Saturday night we hosted an ugly sweater party. We had some tacky sweaters and some that decided not to participate, but we still had a fun night of fellowship.
Me & James
Gary Don & Tracy
Heather & Eric
Angela with the winner of the ugly sweater contest and who went all out Mikey!

On Sunday night James & Gary Don's Life Group (9th grade boys) came to our house for their Christmas party. They played XBox, ate lots of food and did a dirty santa gift exchange. We had fun hosting these boys and I hope they had fun too! I am already getting requests to host D-Now (oh boy, I'll pray about that!)
On Monday night my Life Group met at Brenda's house for a Christmas party. We also ate good food, had good fellowship and played dirty santa gift exchange.
I love these ladies so much! I am learning so much from our Bible studies and just love being around each of them as we grow in our walk with Jesus!

After my Life Group party we went to Joe and Amber's house for a little Carter Christmas with Diane, Larry and the boys!
Peyton, Cam and Easton being silly!
All the men hanging out.
Crazy Carter Crew!
All the ladies!

We are having a great break so far!