Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun Stuff!

We have already had a really fun December! Our Greenwood Bulldogs won the State Championship game in Little Rock!! Peyton was the only one who got to go this year.

Corbyn, Tatum, Peyton, Camden, Lanie and Hayden all cheering on their bulldogs!
Easton is so fun this year with all the Christmas stuff. He wants to decorate everything! He saw someone with inflatables in their yard and he wouldn't stop until we had one too! Can you see how proud he is of it??

THEN to top it off it snowed today!! Last night as we were going to bed, not knowing it would snow, Easton said "as soon as it snows I'm gonna make a snow angel!" When he woke up this morning (at 10:00am) I showed him the snow and he immediately said "I HAVE TO MAKE A SNOW ANGEL!" So he did!

A Christmas Carol.....Revisited

Our church did the 2nd annual play "A Christmas Carol....Revisited" Braxton was an outside greeter/newspaper boy. He did a great job and even has a really good English Accent!

all dressed up to play the part!
Braxton with cast mates Aaron Waldron and Eli Butler. The play was wonderful with a wonderful message! FBC you did a fantastic job!


We had wonderful Thanksgiving lunch at Mom and Daddy Cleve's house with all mine and James' family attending! It was also Linda's birthday! My pictures from this day will not cooperate :(

After Thanksgiving and Linda's birthday party me, mom and my aunt Sharon loaded up to spend the weekend shopping in Branson. We had a great time despite being exhausted from all night black Friday shopping and the fact that I almost died over a $2.48 waffle maker!!

Carter Christmas in Branson

Every year we got to Branson with James' family for weekend of Christmas fun!

Easton posing in Bass ProShop.
Easton and I riding rides at Silver Dollar City!

Easton and Corbyn on the Lady Bugs!

Family pic at Silver Dollar City

Our annual family picture with Santa!

We had a great time and had wonderful weather! Thank you Maw and Papaw Carter!

Happy 9th Birthday Peyton

I cannot even believe you are 9 years old!

You weigh in at 78 pounds and are still a head taller than most boys in your class!

You are in love with sports!

You like watching ESPN (this is a new thing)

Your favorite team is the Colts, but you have been very upset that Peyton Manning is out.

You got to play football for the first time and you LOVED it!

You accepted Jesus to be the boss of your life this year (my most proudest moment for you!)

You aren't crazy about school work, but you have straight A's, and have already received awards this year!

Your best friends are Camden Carter, Tatum Sadler and Hayden Wells (all of which are in your class this year and thank you Lord that is going pretty good!)

Your favorite food is cheese dip from La Fiesta (you could eat your weight in it!)

You are the most competitive of all your brothers, I think sometimes they let you win so you won't get upset!

Peyton you are growing into a wonderful young man and we love you and are very proud of you!


Mom and Dad

Dallas Cowboys Football Game

We had the best time at the Cowboys game! We had James' work tickets and an awesome hotel!

The boys were excited to be on the top floor of a high rise hotel (me not so much)!
The view from our hotel window.

Company parking rocks!

We parked right by the players so we got to watch them come in, that was pretty cool!

Braxton got Felix Jones' autograph!

The big tv!

Company suite was also awesome!!

Candy buffet! I think Peyton ate his weight in peanut butter cups!

The all you could eat wonderful food!!

Opening ceremony.

James and I

After the game our passes let us go down by the field!

We had fabulous seats! Jerry Jones' box was 6 rows up and 6 seats down! I told the boys they had better seats than the owner! Ha! I think this was a great gift for all 4 of us! Poor Easton had to stay home, but thankfully he is too young to know what he missed!

The view from our seats!

Peyton's 9th Birthday

Peyton had what he would call the best birthday day "weekend" ever! He got to go to the season opener of the Razorbacks basketball game, and met a few famous people. Then we surprised both boys with tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys on his actual birthday!

Cowboys cake
Cowboys ticket

2 very surprised boys!

He got a new North Face jacket from Mema and Papaw!

Here is at the Hog game

Peyton with Nolan Richardson

Peyton with former Razorback star Pat Bradley "The Shooter"

I would say a 9th birthday doesn't get much better!


Swat Team, dead football player and crocodile Dundee!
There was a common theme with these boys!
Cam, Peyton & Tatum

Most of the kids at Maw's annual Halloween party!

These two are a mess!! Thank you Mr. Hobbs for letting them pose with the car!

So glad they aren't too old to have fun on Halloween!

We had a great night with great weather and great friends and family!