Saturday, February 2, 2013

Random 2013

We kicked off the new year with dinner at Sho Guns and movie with great friends!

 Braxton is on the trap team this year so most of our weekends have been spent shooting!

 James and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!  I love that man!  We went to Branson for 4 days and it was wonderful!
 I found these awesome cupcakes!
 He's a good man!  He followed me from store to store while I shopped!  Just like my Papa Don used to do!  Never complained one time!  It's the little things that make me happy.
 We took a little trip to the doggie wash and Maggie did really good!
 We have played lots of board games,
and had lots of sleepovers!  We are getting a little restless though, and I am pretty sure we are ready for spring and baseball!!

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderfully blessed Christmas this year!
 Making Jesus' Birthday cake.
 Me and Mom on Christmas Eve
 Maw and Papaw with the Fantastic Five!
 Christmas morning
 Family picture
 Everyone got something they thought they couldn't live without!


 Mema and Papa with the boys
 Maw and Papaw with the boys
 AND snowed!!!!

 and snowed some more!  It was magical!
 Then we spent the rest of Christmas break just staying in where it was warm!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! Merry Christmas!

Braxton's 12th Birthday

Braxton you are:
and that is not just because I am your mom, I love you so much and I am so proud of you!
 How can he already be 12?

 The end of the year football party.  They had a great season and improved so much.  They were runner-up this year, we are so proud of them.  I can't believe they will be bulldogs next year.
Eric Goodwin was their head coach and he did a great job with these boys!

Christmas fun 2012

 Braxton's pittbull team had a float in the Christmas parade!

 Drew Morgan signed with the Arkansas Razorbacks, so Peyton is on cloud 9!
 Some of the State Bulldog Champs were sweet enough to take a picture with our future Bulldogs!
 Heather and I at the Parade.
 These two cuties got to ride in the fire truck with Mema and Papa!
 Easton had a breakfast with Santa at his preschool!
 Easton and Mema
 Making reindeer food!  Easton made us put it on the roof because that is where the reindeer land!
 Easton and Cooper made some cute crafts at school!
PJ day with Teddy!

Getting ready for Christmas 2012

We went to Silver Dollar City with the Carter family.

 We Celebrated Maw's (29th) Birthday!
 Maggie is always so tired!
 Eddie the Elf came to visit!
 We made gingerbread houses!

 This boy couldn't love Christmas anymore, he was so excited!
 Peyton hung our Christmas lights!

Teddy and Eddie hung out a lot!