Thursday, June 10, 2010

Words from the oldest and wisest....

Me and the boys are piled in my bed this morning and I said "boys, I need a pedicure. If you were all girls we could go get pedicures today." Braxton said "but we aren't and you love us anyway!" He said "You love Peyton because he is so athletic, you love me because I am so smart and well Easton, what can you say, you can't pick your family!" I had to laugh, because of the stage Easton is in right now. Cute and adorable one minute and ornery as can be the next.

A summer picture of when the boys thought E was perfect! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pool Party

Mrs. Heather hosted a pool party today for some wonderful friends. Let's see there are 6 of us and we have a total of 17 kids! Easton was sad that Pooper wasn't there, so we actually only had 16 kids present. I was afraid to take my eyes off Easton around the pool so I missed a lot of the conversations, but it was fun to be in the presence of these ladies. The boys had a great time and everyone either napped or layed around for 2 hours after we got home! Thanks Mrs. Heather!

All the girls (we didn't plan it, but we all match!)

There were some pretty funny "boy" conversations going on in this corner. These boys are getting WAY too big!

A pool full of kids!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

life, loss and healing

So much has happened since Friday. Let's see:

We had a new arrival to people we consider family. Steven and Suzanne Gosch had their first baby on Friday. Bryson weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz and so cute!

Also on Friday my father-in-law had to have 3 stints placed in his heart. Praise the Lord they did the test, now he needs to take better care of himself! (wink wink)

On Saturday Paul and Linda's best friend Poose Martin passed away. We are so sad for the family, but we know for certain he is healed and in a better place. We continue to pray for his family.

Saturday we also went to the Williams' annual Turkey Fry and the fellowship was wonderful and the kids had a blast. Thanks for hosting Williams family!

On Sunday we had Jax and Brooks over to swim. We are so happy to see them! The boys had a great time! Then when they left I put Easton down for a nap and when he woke up he had 101 temp which got up to 102. Monday morning I took him to the Dr. and he has an ear infection and bronchitis! He is better today and up playing, but still cranky and whiny.

The boys are going to baseball camp this week. They love it and hopefully are learning to improve their game!

We are off to the ballfields again tonight. I think me and E will sit in the car and watch the game he is pretty tired.

We have had a week of loss, life and healing and we are thankful for a God who never changes through it all.