Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on our weekend and week

Well we survived the first 5 days daddy was gone! We had a lot of fun until Mr. Easton got sick and then we were stuck inside after that. Here are some pictures from our weekend playing outside:

Memaw and Papa Cleve got some baby chicks for the grandkids and then inherited 2 roosters and 2 hens from Trent. The boys were so excited! Papa has built them a snazy little coop to hopefully keep them away from the dogs and coyotes.

Braxton with the big rooster!

Easton has a little OCD and doesn't like to get his hands dirty so Papa found him some work gloves just his size. He wore them the whole time!

Trying to catch that rooster! These poor chickens....

Off to the creek to catch some crawdads

They caught a bucket load and they were so big!

Easton took care of the yard while daddy was gone!

Braxton is amazing on this ripsick. All the adults try it and bust it every time (James, Chris, Jenn, Steven and the list goes on). Thank you CH for teaching him how to ride it, it is his favorite thing right now!

Catching a ride from Easton

The gator got so dirty he had to give it a bath, remember OCD?

Big brother helped too!

This is an accident waiting to happen. The girls are smart enough just to watch and learn from my boys!

We had a good weekend even though Easton got sick Sunday afternoon. James had a great trip and has several more planned for this month.

I also want to remember that 7 years ago today my brother Shane Williams passed away at the young age of 17. His life was brief and I didn't get to know him very well and hoped that someday I would. I have faith that I will see him again someday........