Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Group

I am in a new life group at church and I have to share how much I love this class! It is a women's class and full of amazing women! I feel so blessed to finally find where I need to be at church. I have felt restless for awhile looking for the right life group and I finally found it! We are doing a study right now over "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter and it is so good! It really gets you into God's word. It is a great study if you struggle with putting ANYTHING good or bad before God! Not that any of you do that, but I really struggle with it, so I am really benefiting from this study. So if you are looking for a good study I highly recommend this one and I also recommend my awesome life group!

Sweet dreams

This little boy has been a hand full this last week. Let's hope it is a stage. He sure is sweet at bedtime though. He wanted me to take a picture of him and Teddy before bed.

Don't let the teddy and sweet face fool you!

I left the room and heard him talking. I came back in and found him praying all by himself! So sweet! I think the prayer was something like "thank you for d beach, thank you for bacation" and he repeated it over and over. I think he wants to go back to the beach!

He does sleep in his bed just for the record, he just wanted to watch tv a little bit longer and daddy caved!

Happy Birthday Memaw

Last week my sister and my mom celebrated their birthdays! Angela won't be here till this weekend, but we celebrated mom's birthday on Saturday. We grilled burgers, ate lots of dessert and watched the Hog game (just what my mom wanted to do).

Memaw with her boys.

Sharon made her wear the birthday tie, very fashionable!

Happy Birthday Memaw, we love you bunches!