Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Braxton is down with fever, headache, sore throat & a cough for day 2. I'm sure he will be out of school all week. It is probably the flu, but the doctor said its viral and will just have to run its course and to watch him. I'm afraid if we go to the doctor's office we will come home with a million other illnesses. Easton had a yucky nose yesterday and a little cough so I kept him home today too just in case, but he seems fine so hopefully his was just his allergies or sinuses?

So I'm praying the rest of us stay healthy.

I'm also really looking forward to warmer weather!

Ahhh summer......

Eric Church & Jason Aldean

Steven and Suzanne had some extra tickets to the Jason Aldean concert in Little Rock Friday night and they invited us to tag along. They were great performers and we had great seats!

James and I at dinner. We ate at an awesome steak house in our hotel.
Jason & Holly
Steven & Suzanne (first time they have left baby Bryson, but they needed the break!)
Me, Holly & Suzanne
Eric Church

Jason Aldean
This is how he did his duet with Kelly Clarkson. This song and his remake of "Heaven" were my favorites of the night.
He's out!

Another Snow Day

On our snow day last week.........

Braxton built his architectural lego of the White House he got for Christmas.
He is so good at and loves to build legos.
The boys went sledding with the neighborhood girls.
Hard work pulling those sleds back up the hill.
I think they were building ramps out of the snow.
Easton found our beach toys and started making snow castles!

We watched a lot of movies, had a fire and did lots of snuggling. I'm glad they stayed home with me! School let out at noon that day so the kids don't have to make that snow day up!