Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet boy and some flowers

While the boys had ballgames last night Easton stayed with Memaw. When I got there he said "mommie I got you something" and he showed me these beautiful flowers he picked for me. He said "they are buteful?" He is so stinkin cute right now with his sweet little voice and big words. Thank you E for the buteful flowers, I love them and they smell so good!

He also had several other vases sitting around full of them and he said "those for Mrs. Heather, Mrs. Becky and Mrs. Brooke." I wish I could have brought them to you girls, but I can't hold all those vases with water at the same time! Just know he was thinking about you!

Shopping spree.....

I mentioned previously that this back yard needs a lot of work, so when Mrs. HG pointed out some cute stuff I couldn't refuse. It didn't help that I saw SW's blog with her fabulous patio. Of course this is nothing compared to her's, but it is a start for me!

This whole pot was $15 at Wal Mart! I was so excited to find this good deal!

Found some very inexpensive dishes and table mats for the table. My boys love to eat outside in the summer!

My flowers are really filling out, and notice the new cushion on the love seat!

I love this swing, but the cushion has had it so James got a futon cover and I found these indoor outdoor pillows and it looks so much better.

New cushions and some flowers.

I love tropical hibiscus trees, I got two of these. Excuse the pool cover it is all still a work in progress!

Wet Suits

Our pool stays cold all summer and the boys just can't stand to stay out of the pool in May, so daddy to the rescue! He found them wet suits and they are in heaven. They have played in the pool everyday after school and these seem to keep them warm. Easton is content to just walk around the pool and shoot them with a water gun!

Peyton thinks this suit makes him look like a stud!

Student of the Month, Field Trip and a rain delay

We are so proud of Braxton for getting student of the month! He has worked really hard this year to get straight A's (3rd grade is no piece of cake) and not get in trouble for talking (I'm not saying it NEVER happened, but it didn't happen very often) and we are so proud of him. He is growing up to be such a sweet, kind and smart boy! We love you and are proud of you!

Peyton also had a field trip to the Huckabee Nature Center and Ben Geren. He has had a great year! He has excelled so much in reading and Math and also managed to stay out of trouble despite two of his best buddies being in class with him. Their favorite thing this year has been playing football on the playground. He loves sports!

Hayden, Tatum and Peyton

Finally on Tuesday we had 2 ball games. Peyton's was a nail bitter and they came back and won 10-9. Then off to Braxton's game. They played about 1.5 innings and then lighting came. So during the delay me and the other two boys piled in the car to watch a movie. I thought this pic was so sweet! The game got called so we will make it up later!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grillin and pool opening

Tonight we are grilling. I think Easton might be a great cook someday he has this whole grilling thing down. Notice the swim floaty? That would be because James uncovered the pool today. He thinks he is going to swim, but it is way too cold. He starts swim lessons at the end of the month. I am praying he does well. I really need him to learn how to swim so I can stop stressing!

Peyton "helping" daddy with the pool!

Braxton just hanging out on the diving board.

The back yard needs a lot of TLC, but the pool looks really good compared to last year!

Welcome summer time!
I posted several times today, we are busy busy!

Happy Mother's Day

We started the weekend with Easton bringing me a vinca home to "plant in zure fower bed". He was so proud of it. As soon as he woke up from his nap we had to go straight outside and plant it. He is watching it so I have to keep this one alive!

The gifts from school are always so sweet. This is what Braxton wrote me. He is so sweet!

Peyton made me this paper clip holder!

Easton also did this with finger prints. I'm not sure whose finger prints they are because they said he wouldn't put his finger in the paint!

Today we didn't go to church, because Peyton ran a low grade fever last night and his throat was hurting. Today he seems fine, but ya know the whole 24 hour rule! The boys got me awesome homemade gifts above and Daddy also got me a new cover for my phone and a docking station for my iPhone!! We all layed in bed and played with our phones and the new docking station. I am not a breakfast eater, so I got a BIG cup of coffee in bed and lots of snuggle time! It was a great morning even if we did have to miss church. For lunch we went to Maw and Papa Carter's house. Maw made a big lunch for all the family and it is always a great time. Braxton organized a Mother's Day parade for us. He made all the men and boys signs that said "Happy Mother's Day" and the kids taped them on their bikes and Bruce even rode a chevy ride on toy with his sign taped to the front and the "older" men walked by us with their signs! It was great! Braxton you are so thoughtful and imaginative, I love you so much! They said we better have some big floats planned for Father's Day!

Me and my mom (everyone always asks if we are sisters)!

She got me this jewelry and a potted flowers for the house. I love them all!

Me and Maw Carter. Thank you for the yummy lunch!

She got me a new charm for my charm bracelet. The back says "blessed", so cute!

My new phone cover

My docking station

This was the only picture I got with my boys today, but at least I got one! I love you boys so much, I am so blessed to be your mom and thank God for you everyday!

Passion Play

Last night we headed to Eureka Springs with some friends to see the Passion Play. This statue was incredible. The set was really impressive and the acting was a little cheesy, but the story was of course amazing! We had a lot of laughs and really enjoyed the trip!

Take me out to the ball game

Well I finally got some baseball pictures. Maw took the ones at the field. I just can't drag my big ol' camera to the field along with everything else. So here are the boys playing some ball! I love baseball and my boys! Thank you Maw for some great pics, keep it up! :)

Before their games. It is so hard when they play at the same time, but I try to run back and forth.

Giving me a pitching pose, even though he isn't the pitcher!

Peyton's mean pitching pose, even though he plays 1st base he wants to try to pitch when he moves up to kid pitch.

Braxton up to bat. He walked and then stole to 2nd. He is loving that whole stealing bases this year!

Peyton was in a bit of a hitting slump (James blamed it on me, another story), but he was hitting much better on Thursday. He got to first and then a triple!

Dad coaching 1st base.

So the next two months we will be at the ball field. This week we have a game or two every night except for Wednesday. Papa Don always reminds me that this is the best time of my life!