Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God's plans were not our plans

My heart is broken for Lisa and her boys. Roger passed away Tuesday morning at 12:55am in surgery. Those doctors did all they could to save him, but God had other plans for Roger. We know his plan is perfect, but sometimes it hurts so bad. I ask that you continue to pray for Lisa and her boys and the rest of our family. We have lost so many in our family at such young ages that it is hard to accept it sometimes. Roger was a wonderful man who loved his boys so much and he was such a great dad and husband. He was so young at 46, and he was just not ready to leave his family.

Our family is grieving a horrible loss and all we need right now are LOTS of prayers to get through this difficult time.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prayer Request and Praise

Dear friends,

Please pray for my uncle Roger Davis, my mom's brother. He underwent open heart surgery 2 months ago and now has complications. He was airlifted today from Fort Smith to UAMS in Little Rock. They will perform another open heart surgery in the morning at 7:30am. This surgery is unchartered territory for the doctors because it is a new surgery procedure and so they haven't seen this complication before. It is all very complicated with lots of medical terms. Just know these are his specific prayer needs: A positive outlook from him that he can do this again, that the Lord will give the doctors the knowledge for this surgery, and a safe trip for all of us going down there. He also has his wife Lisa and two little boys that need your prayers too, Ryan Davis is 13 and Trent Davis is 9 you may know them from school. They are very worried and anxious about all this. The doctors have indicated it is very high risk.

I also have a praise in the midst of today's storm, because God is good that way. My other uncle married to my mom's sister came home from Guantanamo Bay Cuba today. He was deployed there over the summer, I think he has been gone almost 6 months! It was tears of joy to see him reunited with his son and wife today! I so wish I had my camera with me for that moment.

Thank you friends in advance for your prayers they are much appreciated!