Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

The Goodwins came over to watch the super bowl.
Me & Heather
Can you guess who we were cheering for?
Heather had a buddy to watch the game with. (funny she doesn't like cats, so of course that is who's lap tiger wanted to lay in! Ha!)
Easton & Cooper watching a movie in my bed!
Madi, Braxton & Tristan were there too, but I never managed to get a picture of them?

Peyton went to Camden's 2nd annual super bowl party. They were a divided house! I think Amber may be a little tired today, but I know these 10 boys had a great time! That is Peyton in the far right hand corner standing up!

ANOTHER snow day

Since we couldn't go to Houston we still had fun enjoying the snow! Friday night James and the boys went to the country club hole 12 and went sledding with a bunch of friends. So on Saturday morning we all went to experience some extreme sledding! It was like a ski slope except no lift to bring you back to the top! I was worn out!
The big hill
Me, James & Easton. We made it all the way to the bottom and we were covered in snow. The walk back up warmed us up though!
The boys did some snow boarding too!
Easton lasted for about an hour then he was "fweezing" so James took us home, but the boys stayed at it till noon!
Peyton climbing up the hill.
Braxton getting a snow snack.
The Curry family! Carter Clan!
Braxton, Collin, Tristan & Peyton
Tristan & Peyton

Travel Plans

Well Friday morning we loaded up to head to Houston for 4 days, but we got an hour down the road and it was snowing so bad we couldn't see the lines on the road anymore! We turned around and headed back home and ended up getting almost 4 inches at our house! We really wanted to see Chris, Jenn and the boys, but you can't control the weather. Hopefully we can try it again on Spring Break.

Loaded up and ready to go only to have to turn back around and go home.