Saturday, July 24, 2010


We made it home! One week to pack and 2 hours to unpack! It helps when all your laundry is already done when you get home! We had a fabulous vacation and praise the Lord that we had nothing to complain about. The weather was beautiful, the beach was pretty (just some seaweed), our house was beautiful, the kids were great (remember there were 8 of them), and the fellowship was pretty great too! I have so many pictures but here are a few to get started. I'm tired and ready for my own bed!

Getting ready to go out to dinner. The boys faces got a little pink the first day, but we fixed that with some zinc oxide!

Brooks, Peyton, Jax & Braxton
These boys became awesome at boogie boarding we had big waves everyday!

Cooper & Easton
They kept their boogie boards more in the sand than in the waves!

Easton loved the pool!

All the kids on the first day getting ready to hit the beach!