Friday, July 9, 2010


This is all I can think about! I am praying for great weather, beautiful beaches and good kids (and husbands)! The countdown to vacation has begun! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Doctor visits

Well we have had an eventful 4 days. Braxton had fever and a headache from Sunday-Tuesday. Took him to the Dr. and he has a bad sinus infection. He is feeling much better today. Last night Braxton was running from my bedroom to the living room and Peyton was running from the living room to my bedroom and they had a head/eye collision. It scared me so bad so this morning we went to the Dr. AGAIN and it is thankfully only soft tissue damage. Now we have to pray he can open his eye before his baseball game on Thursday. Here are his words "I look like a fool, I don't want to see anyone and I better be able to open my eye to play baseball!" He is the child who wants to look cool and worries about what other people think. He wore his baseball cap pulled down as low as it could go to the Dr.'s office. He has requested sunglasses if he is going back out into public!

As soon as it happened

2 hours later right before bed

When he woke up this morning!

Then to top it off I have to take Easton to his yearly allergy appointment which means blood work. It has been a stressful medical week around here! I am however very thankful they are overall healthy children.

Please don't forget to pray for Michael McCutcheon. They left this morning for MN for his bone marrow transplant.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baseball practice and a party

Last night Peyton's team had batting practice and then finished the night off with pizza, cake and trophies. They aren't finished with baseball yet they still have the post season tournament to play this week. They finished regular season play in 2nd place. Great job boys!

Peyton with his trophy!

They all signed each other's trophy ball, practicing for the big leagues some day!

Yummy cookie cake!

Eating some pizza after a good practice.

On to swimming and more competition. I have never seen a group of boys so competitive, but they all get a long really great!

A mean game of sharks and minnows!

The coaches relaxing by the pool!

All the gang!

We have had a great year! GO FBC!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July or I guess 3rd of July. We celebrated on Saturday along with the city of Greenwood. We started our day getting up bright and early because James and the big boys ran the 5K.

James, Braxton & Peyton before the big race.

Braxton, Collin & Peyton before the race

Mandi, Amber & Krystal before the race, you go girls!

Here are the boys starting off in a sprint, maybe not such a good idea!

Joggin' Jim starting the race! He calls himself that not me!

Coming into the finish line

Here is James time of 30:45.5

Here comes Braxton

With a time of 31:09

Last but not least here comes Peyton

with a time of 40:45, hard to see the clock

The guys after the race. It started raining and didn't stop till around 4:00pm that day.

Just in time to go to Memaw and Papaw's and eat and shoot fireworks!

Easton picked out a parachute and carried it around till dark and because of that it didn't really work so well. Too much handling I think.


Brotherly love

Papaw, James and Easton getting ready to cook up some burgers!

Me and mom, don't I look lovely! I had been rained on and sweated all day so I had to resort to the hat!

They actually let me take their picture!

My camera battery died so this was all the pictures I got! I may have to swipe more from others cameras. There was a big crowd and lots of kids shooting fireworks!