Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Football Fas Dogs

The big boys started the Fas Dogs camp today. They loved it, so hopefully they will be able to hang with it for the whole month of July!

Warming up in the GMAC
E having to hang out as usual!

Peyton and Camden


6 inches!

6 inches

When we moved outside this boy got HOT!

Being timed on sit-ups

Braxton and Peyton

Peyton and Tatum

They survived day 1! Hopefully they will all get the 100% Bulldog shirt!

Camden, Peyton, Collin, JP & Braxton!

4th of July 2011

We had a great 4th this year! So blessed to have wonderful friends and family and blessed to live in a free country. Thanks you God and all our troops!

Maw & Papaw with the boys!

Me and James started our 4th of July going to CrossFit 413. I have never been so I thought I would just go observe, but of course I decided to join in. It was so very hard, but very fun!

James doing kettle bell swings.

Me doing kettle bell swings. I completed the work out just had to back off the weights. I can't walk today, but I'm excited to go back tonight!

There was a big group, but everyone was so encouraging that you had to try your hardest!

Another athletic first was Michelle ran her 1st 5k, and did great!

While we went to CrossFit Maw and Papa took the boys to the square for lots of fun!

Everyone came to our house to eat and swim!

Maddie digging in!

Linda, Paul & Diane

Everyone swimming!

Boys in their 4th shirts

We went to Mema and Papa Cleve's for dessert and fireworks!

Easton had all his fireworks lined up!

Our family 4th pic.

Me and my sweetie!

All the kids!

Mema & Papa with all their grandbabies!

Camden & Joe

Daddy Cleve's 60th

On Saturday we had a suprise 60th birthday party for Daddy Cleve. We lined the street so we could suprise them when they pulled in! We really suprised him!

The parade!
Chris, Cleve & Vicki

Me and James

We had a fake cake for him to blow out 60 candles. Bruce and James did a great job!

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Oh NO, somone called the fire department! HA!

Daddy Cleve with all his volunteer fire fighting buddies! This was great!

They blew the cake across the yard!

Mom really suprised him!

Maddie wrote him a great poem, those two tease each other relentlessy!

Lots of funny cards!

He did actually get a real cake! He is a really big hog fan!

Swim Parties

We have had 2 swim parties in June. The kids have so much fun and the Mama's sure have fun visiting! Last week it was our turn to host.

There are only a few girls, boys dominate these parties!
These 2 have so much fun!

All the Mama's relaxing!

These 3 solving the world's problems no doubt!

Mrs. Hobbs brought the snow cone machine, it was a big hit!

We missed the ones that couldn't be there, but hopefully there will be more parties!