Friday, April 9, 2010

The Month of April

Well it is April which means turkey season which means my theme song for the month is "All By Myself". I will change my ring tone on my phone today so I can mope about it. I really don't like it when James is gone so much, but he needs the break and he loves to turkey hunt so I will be a big girl and do it "All By Myself"!

We got a visit from my sister's sweet boyfriend Vern yesterday. It was really nice to see him. James and the boys get along really great with him. I think he would fit in nicely with our family, "wink" "wink"! We sure wish Angela could have come in with him, but we know how super busy she is with moving to Canada. She says things like "eh" now she has totally lost her southern accent! We love you aunt "G"!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in pictures

We have had a really good weekend! We are thankful for what Jesus did for us and we talked about it, watched "Passion of The Christ" and tried really hard to remember why we celebrate this holiday. My big boys are at the age of a million questions, and it is so good for me and James too, because we have to explain (which makes us remember) and look up answers (which gets us in the word) and I feel like we are really having a growth spurt in our family in our walk together as Christians. I feel so blessed to have ALL my boys and I am so privileged to get to teach them and they are in turn teaching me more about Jesus everyday.

Here are just a "few" pictures of our day:

They boys got new pool toys and swim suits!

Memaw and Papa bought all the kids baby chicks for Easter and she knew I wouldn't bring them home so Papa is building her a chicken coop! Anyone need eggs???

All the "kids"! We pulled out the picture of when the oldest ones were little, man time flies!


Michelle, Lisa and Sharon

Bryce Ray, resting after hiding all those eggs!



Easton, his was getting heavy so he threw it over his shoulder like Santa!

Cousins and Best Buddies!

Easton checking out all his eggs

Corbyn Grace

Our hostesses Memaw and Papa

Maddie playing football in a dress, she did have shorts on under it thank goodness cause her brother kept trying to take her down!

Memaw and Papa with some of their grandkids, we missed you Leah and Rae Rae!

Maw and Papa with their grandkids!

Maw and Papa Carter

Memaw and Papa with the nephews

Playin some football to end the day!