Monday, May 24, 2010

My baby is 3

Happy Birthday sweet little E! 3 years ago today I arrived early at the hospital to be induced and it took almost all day for you to get here. Finally at 3:50pm you made your arrival! Aunt Jenn, Aunt Amber, Mrs. Heather, Memaw, Maw and Daddy were all there to see your birth. You weighed in at 6lbs 14oz and 19 3/4 inches. You were the smallest of my babies and I loved it! You had blond hair right from the start. Your big brothers fell in love with you from the moment they saw you. Peyton wouldn't let anyone else hold you he just sat at the end of my bed and held you, it was so sweet. You completed our family and we love you so much!

Our first picture as a family of 5!

You were such a good baby, you were always on the go with your big brothers playing sports and you traveled so well.

You with your big brothers they love you so much!

Here you are on your 1st birthday, I let your hair grow for a long time then we had to cut it before people thought you were a girl!

Here you are right before you turned 2. So handsome for church!

Now your a big boy ready to play ball, swim and do everything else your brothers do!

You weigh a whopping 31lbs and your hair is still snow white.

You love sweets especially momma's chocolate chip cookies.

You like to watch Dora and Diego on tv.

Your favorite food when you do eat which isn't very much is pizza.

You love choc choc (soy milk with ovaltine).

You love your friends and talk about them all the time: Pooper (aka Cooper Goodwin), Dace Drennan, and Jaxson Cole.

You love momma and you pretty much want me to do everything with you and for you.

You still take a nap and you need it because if you don't you act like a crazy man!

You sleep so good at night!

You are potty trained!

You love to sit and play toys and could do it for hours, which helps momma get stuff done!

You love to help work in the yard and you even help pick up toys and your dirty clothes.

You love to swim!

You love to drive your John Deere gator.

You don't like to get your hands dirty, which is funny! I'm sure you will outgrow that with 2 older brothers.

You like to wrestle with Peyton and play legos with Braxton.

You tell me Jesus made everything which is so sweet. I tell you God made it and you say "No Jesus made it"!

You are such a blessing and I thank God for your life daily! We love you so much! Happy Birthday sweet baby!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!

We had a great relaxing weekend! Friday night Braxton's baseball team won their first kid pitch game! We were so excited for them, they played a great game!

Saturday started off with housework and yard work but ended up poolside for lunch and relaxing during the afternoon. Easton got to go to Chuck E Cheese with Maw and Papa Carter and then go shopping for his birthday, and he came home with a stash! That evening we had Hunter's birthday and had a great visit with family.

Today we went to church, which we have missed the last two weeks due to illness and being out of town, so it was so refreshing to be back. Brother Ronnie's message hit me like a brick wall and it will be something I work harder at daily. Then I worked the nursery and despite 13 little 3 year olds, it really wasn't that bad, they are sweet kids! After church we went to Grandma Ann & Papa Don's for Easton's birthday lunch and he got all kinds of goodies! Then it was back home for more pool time! Easton has been very hesitant to get in the water and with swim lessons coming up it was making me nervous that he wouldn't swim. Let me tell you that if Easton James doesn't want to do something, he isn't going to do it! I have prayed for the last week that he would take to liking the water again like he did last year, and praise the Lord today he just got in and swam all afternoon! Now if he will just like his swim teacher we will be doing good! I will keep praying for that too!

Here are some pictures I took by the pool today. We sure enjoy having this pool

I love action shots! The boys love when I catch them in mid air doing their tricks!

Braxton surfing

Braxton flipping

Braxton diving

Easton having so much fun just swimming around the pool!

Peyton looking like he can walk on water!

Easton collecting pool toys!

It's hard work swimming!

We had dinner by the pool and I made Easton's favorite chocolate chip cookies and we will probably celebrate his birthday all week so he blew out more candles!

This is what my back porch looks like all summer, but it is so fun!