Monday, March 14, 2011

Our new addition

Our family has been praying for this sweet little lab puppy that she would finally be the best dog for our family. We are still saying that prayer, but we did get to bring her home Saturday. Thanks to the Curry family for taking such good care of her till she could come live with us!
This is sweet little Maggie!
This is how she lays, and the boys think it is hilarious!
She is so stinkin' cute!
She already has a favorite toy!
She follows the boys and if they run off and leave her she cries!
Very proud dog owners!
Braxton, Peyton & Maggie

We have only had her 3 days, but she is doing great! Sleeping good, potty training perfectly (so far) and she is so cute, how could we not love her! I looked outside yesterday and Peyton was walking around with his bb gun (looking for birds I'm sure) and Maggie was just following him right on his heels, it was a precious sight!


The boys each had a friend over Friday and James told them he would set the tents up if they promised to actually sleep in them. We have done this on numerous occasions and they last 5 minutes, hear a noise and run inside. But this time they all actually slept outside all night! Their daddy was very proud of them, but I was nervous that they were out there alone!

Tatum & Peyton in their tent.
Tristan & Braxton in their tent.
They roasted smores that night and then the next day they got their fire going again and roasted hot dogs for lunch!
Tatum & Peyton
Braxton & Tristan with their pj's on!


Peyton finished his last Upward game Saturday, it was a make-up game due to all the snow. I thought we were already done! After the game we had cookies, cokes and awards. I'm really glad basketball is over, I have to admit that even though that was my sport of choice growing up it isn't my favorite anymore. Bring on baseball and football!

Peyton and Coach "Dad"!