Monday, September 5, 2011

Football run down......

Well the boys are in full blown football mode. We have had a Jamboree and kickoff. Braxton has his first official game this Saturday and 3 nights a week they practice for 2 hours. I'm glad they love it!

The high school boys practice in girdles then wear shorts over them instead of pad pants. SO of course we have to try it!
Speaking of following the high school boy trends they have also picked up this tall black sock thing. I'm pretty sure you are only supposed to do this after the age of 70, but it's not worth the fight.

This boy is so excited that he FINALLY gets to play football.

Joe cool (aka Easton)

Peyton & Tatum getting ready for Jamboree.

Team huddle. Peyton is #25 in these pictures and then they got new uniforms so now he is #51.

Braxton #55, new uniform will be #50.

Braxton and Jake Parker at Jamboree.

Sporting their new uniforms before kick-off.

Corbyn Grace at kick-off

Peyton's team going through plays before kick-off.

Getting to run through the big bulldog.

#80 Camden and #51 Peyton having fun at kick-off.

Lanie Wells and Corbyn dancing and cheering.

Corbyn, Camden and Peyton, Go Pittbulls!

Braxton, Paige and Peyton (this is Braxton's current crush, it will change in few weeks I'm sure).

Braxton, Clayton & JP

The boys got to wear their jerseys to school on Friday. Peyton chose to wear his old jersey because the new one goes to his knees. Don't you love the tall black socks?

GO Pittbulls!