Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunshine & Grand Prizes!

Well after a week in seclusion from what was I'm sure the flu, Braxton was finally fever free Friday afternoon!! The sun was out and it was beautiful this weekend. I was able to get out and run/walk both days (yea me, that doesn't happen very often, and James even got to go with me one of the days that is even more rare!) Peyton had a basketball game Saturday and they got beat really bad. So many kids were sick and one of our little star players was out that day. Peyton had 12 points, so I was proud of him, but he was just mad because they lost, he is SO competitive!

We were all so happy to be outside this weekend and now I hear a winter storm is coming. Really? I'm so over winter!
As you can see Braxton has bounced back and went to Maw's! Climbing one of his favorite trees!
This scares me so bad, but I have chilled a little and try to let them be "boys"!

On Saturday night our church hosted the OSB (Outdoor Sports Banquet). James always works the event so I have never let the boys go, but this year I let their grandpa take them, and they had the best time!
Braxton holding some crazy scary looking snake! I was told that at first he didn't want to, but a certain girl said he should, so he caved for her and held it! Heaven help me if he is already giving into girls requests!

Then at the end of the banquet they gave away a large under 12 door prize and an adult door prize. The blessed little boy to win that kid prize was Peyton Davis Carter!
He won a massive amount of camping supplies!
All the gang gathered around to see the prize!
He was kind enough to share with his brothers too, very sweet!
All his buddies want to know when the first camp out is happening!

All that was fun and exciting, but the best part of the banquet was that a really close friend of ours accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and that is what it was all about! We are so thankful to our church home for having such an awesome event!