Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Boys passed out at Mema's
Easton playing on the iPad and eating fruit loops, Maggie is waiting for him to drop a crumb!

big New Years Eve Party at Maw and Papa's house!

Boys playing in our closets! They crack me up!

This boy will not think this is funny one day, but when he walked out I could not stop laughing! I love it when they all get along and play together even if they do destroy my closet!

We are having a very relaxed January. No one is playing a sport and we are just enjoying playing outside in this crazy warm weather, having dinner as a family and having some down time. Peyton and Easton are getting ready to sign up for baseball and we love it so much, but it's really nice to not be so busy!

I started a new Bible study this week and I am so excited about it! "Duty or Delight" by: Tammie Head. If you are looking to start a new study I am only on day 3 and I already highly recommend it!

Peyton's 2nd 9 week awards

Both boys made straight A's in the 2nd nine weeks of school and Peyton received more awards at the awards ceremony!

He received Highest grade in Literacy, AR reading, and Math Homework
Carter Cousins bringing home good grades!

Peyton, Cam and Hayden I am proud of these smart boys!

I am so blessed that my boys take pride in doing good work and we are so proud of them!

Day Hiking Trip

The boys wanted to try out their new hiking gear so we loaded up for a day hike. Now I will admit that James has to push me out the door, but when I get there I really do have fun!

The boys with their backpacks and hiking sticks!
Braxton, me and Peyton on the trail

James with the boys
James and I by one of the small water falls.

We also drove on to see the Elk. They got so close and they were so beautiful and massive!

Glory Hole! This was beautiful to see! Thank you James for making me go!

Cotton Bown 2012

James "had" to take customers to the Cotton Bowl this year, so I was lucky enough to get to tag along!

In front of Cowboys Stadium (weren't we here exactly 2 months ago?)
The big screen TV outside

The Band Perry sang the National Anthem.

Our hometown boy Tyler Wilson on the big screen!

My parents just happen to be there too!

We had the same seats we had at the Cowboys game (awesome)!

We saw Jerry Jones.

AND.....we won!!!! GO HOGS GO!!!!

We had a great time and we are so proud of Tyler Wilson and our Razorbacks! I'm sorry boys that you had to stay home for this game, maybe next time!

14 Years!!

On January 3rd, 14 years ago I married my best friend! He makes me more happy today than he did the day we got married. I love and respect him so much. Our marriage isn't perfect but we work on it everyday. We pray for God to put a hedge of protection around our marriage and our family. We have grown in so many ways over the last 14 years. Our faith in God is stronger, our idea of what is important has changed for the better I think, we have 3 of the greatest blessings God could have given us and that has changed who we are too. We have seen so many people that we love fall to the lies of satan and give up on their marriages, and we know that we have to work on it everyday or we could fall too. I'm blessed that after 14 years we don't have a perfect marriage, but we still laugh together, pray together and enjoy each others company!

Here are some sappy pictures for our boys!

I love this picture!

New Year's Eve 2011

We had a fun date night with the Goodwin's on New Year's Eve this year.

We went to Sho Gun's!
Then we came home for dessert and a few games of the board game bump. The men always seem to win, but we are pretty sure they cheat!

Mom's retirement

My mom retired from Whirlpool on December 29th. We are so excited for her and can't wait to spend more time with her now that she's a free woman!

Congratulation mom we love you!

Christmas 2011

I love traditions. I have a few with my boys at Christmas and we have so much fun! We had a great Christmas!

We always make Jesus' birthday cake on Christmas Eve.
We started a new tradition at my mom's and wore ugly sweaters! The boys thought it was hilarious and Easton really wanted to win!

Mom & Daddy Cleve in their ugly sweaters.

Bryce Ray, Sharon and Dennis. Those birds on Sharon's sweater made me laugh so hard all night that I had to borrow it for another ugly sweater party!

Angela and Dan were here this year again and we have so much fun with them and always hate to see them go.

On Christmas eve we go to church, go to Aunt Diane's and then come home and read the story of Jesus birth and the night before Christmas. We set out cookies and milk and the boys are off to bed!

We make ginger bread houses!

And in true boy fashion destory and eat it!

Christmas morning both sets of grandparents come over and we wake up the boys. They put on their santa caps and we open one gift at a time so we can see and enjoy what each person gets.

Easton raked in the Legos this year!

Peyton and Braxton both designed their own shoes!

The big boys want to go on some over night camping trips, but you have to have the gear!

Maw always buys the Carter familly matching PJ's and we have to get an annual PJ picture in front of the fire, no matter how bad we look!

We love to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and give him all the thanks and glory for our abundant blessings. I am so thankful for all he has blessed me with!