Monday, March 28, 2011

Easton's Spring Break

While we were in Houston Easton Stayed with Maw & Mema, and he had a big time!

Corbyn, Camden & Easton heading to have some fun!

Maw took them to the Monkey House!
Easton loved it!

Cam, Corbyn & Easton at the Monkey House.
He talked Maw into getting more Star Wars Legos.
Easton & Uncle Joe.
Easton loved having Cam all to himself!
Maw did his hair after a bath!

He had fun with all his grandparents, but was happy to see all of us when we got home!

Spring Break 2011

We started our spring break off with some clear cutting to make way for a fence for our new dog.

James deciding what to take down.
Easton just trying to help out.
Maggie just being cute.
I helped for a little while and then my back started bothering me AGAIN, so I had to supervise after that.
My rugged lumberjack!
The boys being SO helpful.
It was an accident that turned in to loads of fun!
Corbyn and Camden stopped by. These two are so funny together!

On Wednesday Kerri had a "spring fling" at her house with a big water slide, water balloons and cotton candy!
Braxton ate 3 of these I think?
Maw & Corbyn having some cotton candy.
All the girls!
Kerri was covered in cotton candy after it was over. She could just lick her arms if she got hungry!
Cam, Easton & Peyton on the slide.
Easton. It was windy which made it so cold, but it didn't slow anyone down!

On Thursday we headed to Houston to visit with the Leonards.
Oh and on Tuesday James got a new Subaru Outback.
The boys had their snacks and Ipod and were ready to go!
Peyton, Braxton, Brooks & Jax
Chris & I, we all just sat on the back deck every night and watched the kids play. It was beautiful warm weather.
James, notice he has 2 computers in front of him? Are we on vacation?
Their beautiful back deck. They have an awesome place!
Jenn and I relaxing on the deck.
The boys played, set traps, shot guns and rode bikes.
Peyton shooting a pellet gun from the fort.

On Saturday we went to the Johnson Space Station.
Here is a replica of the front of one of the ships.
Braxton was in heaven! This is a cockpit of one of the space shuttles.
We went on a tram ride to see the actual space center.
This is the training facility.
This is the rocket Saturn that went to the moon. It was amazing and gigantic!

Braxton was in heaven, but these 3 thought most of the tour was a little boring!

We had such a nice and relaxing visit! Thank you Leonard family, we will be back again!